Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rebecca's Birth Story

Let's see where to start? I guess Sunday is a good spot since it affects the story later.

Eary Sunday Morning I woke up to contractions about 3-5 minutes apart. They weren't that intense at all, but pretty close together so I woke up Dennis and we headed into the hospital. Well, when we get to the hospital the contractions started dieing down and spacing out. Pretty soon they were 5 minutes apart. When they started monitoring me, the nurse mentioned that my blood pressure was a bit on the high side so they wanted to keep an eye on it. Soon my contractions had lengthened out to 5-10 minutes apart. I think they would have sent me home sooner except they wanted to keep an eye on that. When they let me go it had come down quite a bit and was more in the normal range. hey told me to check in with my doctor the next day.

Well, I never got around to calling my doctor on Monday... Oops. But I figured I had an appointment scheduled for Tuesday night so I wasn't that worried about it.

Tuesday afternoon, Charity was having a rough day, throwing lots of fits, and just ugh. Well, at one point she was throwing a fit and screaming and crying and I just couldn't take anymore so I told her to go her room until she was ready to calm down but she told me no and refused to go. I let my temper get the best of me and I went and picked her up to take her to her room. (Hello Sarah 38 week pregnant women are NOT suppose to pick up 40lbs toddlers to begin with!) Well, she didn't want to go to her room so she fought me on it and I almost dropped her. In the process of this I pulled what felt like ALL of the muscles in my lower pelvic region. I was in so much pain I could hardly walk :( Then on our way to the Doctor's Appointment that night Dennis told me she was worried something might have happened to the baby in the ordeal an asked how I thought she was doing or how she was moving or something along those lines. It dawned on me at that point that she hadn't been that active at all that afternoon, she did move some, just not nearly as active...

So, at the appointment I started telling the nurse about that afternoon and then when she was checking my blood pressure, Dennis started telling her about the hospital and she said she was just about to mention my blood pressure was a little bit high. At the hospital and also at the appointment no protein had come back in my urine though, which was good. Well, when the doctor came in and was checking me out she redid the blood pressure and it was borderline high but the baby's heart rate was where it was normally. And I'd also progressed to a 3-4cm, so a little more than where I'd been the week before. She did want to do a quick ultrasound on the baby just as a precaution to check her out as well and then she asks us if we want to have the baby tomorrow. Tomorrow, really?

Because of my fast labor with Danielle she had wanted to induce at 39 weeks, if I made it that far. The hospital's policy is that don't do inductions or c-sections until 39 weeks unless medically necessary. Well, the high blood pressure readings had given her enough reason to induce earlier. Ok, we can do that. I wasn't sure I really wanted to be indced (I was hoping to avoid an IV, lol) but knowing I'd be at the hospital in plenty of time to deliver and that the baby would be there the next day we agreed. So, she sent us over to Labor and Delivery so they could do some monitoring and some blood work. She wasn't sure if they'd keep us overnight or just have us come in the morning so she said she'd come over after they got the blood work back and we'd figure out the last few details. So, over to Labor and Delivery we went. We got there right around 7. My blood pressure was initally a little high, but after just laying there for a while it came down to more of my normal range for the pregnancy. I also had some contractions but they were 10 or more minutes apart and not that intense. So, they decided to send us home and Dr. Anders said that she normally has women come in at 5:30 in the morning for inductions but because of my history to wait and come in at 7. Sounded good to me, I wouldn't have to get up as early. So, home we went.

We got home around 9 o'clock. Mom was just getting the girls ready for bed. So, we told them about how we would be going into the hospital in the morning to have the baby. They were excited! I sat in the living room doing a few things on the computer (I was going to blog about the day, but didn't get around to it, lol) But it was cute because I heard Charity in there talking to Danielle all about the baby coming. You could tell she was really excited. They were taking a while to fall asleep and there was some othe things I needed to do so I turned bedtime over to Mom and went to go finish up getting ready. Dennis and I ended up going to bed about 10:30.

Well, a little before Midnight a contraction woke me up. I wasn't sure if it was going to turn into anything though so I decided I was going to wait a minute to make sure. (TMI alert, but hey, it's a baby story :) Well, I'd needed to go to the bathroom and I realized that I'd started bleeding. I hadn't had that happen in either of the other pregnancies or labors so I decided I wasn't going to wait. So, I woke Dennis up and told him it was time to go. The contractions weren't super intense yet but I figured oh well, I'm getting induced in a few hours anyway so if they turn into nothing, Oh well. Well, as we were finishing getting ready to go, they started getting more intense and I knew this time they weren't going to be nothing. So, we got there, and got checked in and everything. It was funny, we ended up in the same room and the contractions that I'd had earlier when we were there had registered high on the monitor where this time they weren't registering that much at all, but they were A LOT more painful. They checked me and I was at a solid 4 at that point, so 20 minutes or so in and I hadn't really progressed much from my appointment (that did make me wonder if I was in labor for real, atleast until the next contraction, lol) I wanted to be able to get up and move around a bit, it was not comfortable having contractions laying there in the bed! but they said no, they wanted to monitor me for a while and then maybe. Around 1 I needed to use the bathroom. After I stood up, the contractions started to intensify even more so when I was getting back into bed I told them they needed to check me. The nurse checked and I was at a 6/7 at that point. That's also the point I decided I wanted pain meds and I wanted them now. I was tired of being in pain.

Well, that's when the nurses really got serious about things. They started setting up things and getting things ready. The contractions at that point also intensified even more and got even more painful. I think atleast every 10 minutes I started demanding and asking where the epidural person was and could I PLEASE get something for the pain until then. They weren't serious enough about it though! I think it was about 1:30ish or so that I told them they'd better check again because I was feeling a LOT of pressure down there. They'd also called the doctor at this point and he was headed in (not our doctor, but the one on call). The nurse checked and said I was at an 8/9 or so, fully thinned and effaced. When the doctor got there a few minutes later and checked he said I was only at a 7! I didn't believe him though, cuz it felt like I was a lot closer to pushing than that. About 10 minutes later I told them that I was starting to feel like I was going to need to push and another nurse checked me and she said I was ready! That was also right after the anathesiologist got there and had started telling me my options... She then told me nevermind, it was too late for an epidural. Well, I told them to hurry you up!

Anyway, so then the doctor checks and he says I'm only at an 8 or 9, but I'm starting to feel the urge to push. Seriously, they couldn't make up their minds! In the meantime I'm having contractions one on top of each other, very much in pain, the anathesiologist lady is trying to tell me what my options are now. It was just a chaotic mess! I end up telling the lady to just do the shot in the back to help me out with the pain already! Turned out the shot in the back was a spinal block, which I didn't even figure out until afterwards.

It really was chaotic at this point, if I had Dennis here he'd be able to add a lot more details because I guess there was a lot going on around us that I was missing out on. Such as baby was showing distress during contractions, I'd become really pale several times (hello, lots of pain!), my blood pressure was measuring high most of the time, contractions on the monitor still showed up as not that much. Well, after the spinal block it was nice, all pain went away... but then it was time to push pretty much as soon as I got the spinal block but I then had to figure out which muscles were the ones I needed to use to push with! And the contractions also decreased to several minutes apart. The doctor had sent someone out to find out how long the shot in my back was suppose to last for and Dennis said that after they came back and told him an hour he said that could be a problem because we might need to make it an operational delivery. Why, I have no idea, I didn't even catch the comment. Anyway, that's the point I figured out which muscles to use and she was out in 2 pushes. And what a beautiful little baby!

Rebecca Marie was born a little before 2:40 in the morning on Wednesday September 29, 2010. She weighed 6lbs 11oz and was 19.5" long. Her Apgar scores were 8 and 9.

Overall, it was a crazy intense labor (and I think it would have been shorter had I been able to stand up and not lay in bed so much) but I'm glad she's here!

The hospital staff was great afterwards! We came home Thursday, though we could have stayed until Friday. Honestly, I wish we'd stayed but it's too late now, lol! But we are all doing good and she is just a great little baby. One of the nurses Thursday morning told me that they had decided she was their favorite baby this week because she was so easy. Took right to nursing, had no problems adjusting to being outside the womb, hardly cries, has the cutest little whine when she wants something, sleeps well. I'm hoping she continues to stay that way! I was worried, both other girls were easy babies, so I thought I might finally get a hard one but she is just a little darling.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random Stuff

I'm up at 7 in the morning, with the daughter who normally sleeps in, and I'm tired... so I've got a bunch of random stuff to mention :)

1 - Getting up EVERY SINGLE HOUR in the night to pee, really really sucks. Seriously, every single hour, I think I might have skipped midnight but that's it! So a single 2 hour stretch mixed in... Seriously, can I just have this baby already so she gets off my bladder!?!

2 - With her being so low, remember she was at 0 station, fully engaged, last Thursday and Sunday morning all the nurse said was that she was very low, how much pressure and damage is it doing to my already weakened muscles down there? Ahh, the fun worries of pregnancy. I'd consider looking up uterine prolapse and pregnancy effects on them online, but I know from the beginning of my pregnancy that that would be pointless....

3 - So, tonight when she checks me, even though I was still only dilated to a 3 on Sunday, am I going to be a 4 tonight or still at a 3, more effaced or not? And is she even lower? Seriously, I don't want to deliver in the car on the way to the hospital, especially when I live only minutes away! Forget on the way, I'm worried I'm going to be delivering at home! Crazy crazy. Though really, I've got the emergency delivery section bookmarked in my what to expect when you're expecting so whoever is here can have directions on how to catch the baby... good luck reading it in time!

4 - Dennis was funny this morning :) Before he left for work I had him rubbing my back for a few minutes and he said to me, "She moves a lot in the night, doesn't she?" Um, yes, especially when I'm trying to go to sleep... "Yes, why do you ask?" says me. He told me it was just a hunch and then I got him to admit that he kept his hand on my tummy for a while last night while he was trying to go to sleep and she was moving a lot :) Awwww :)

5 - My doctor wants to induce at 39 weeks to have my labor in a more controlled environment... Yeah, lol, why wait until 39 weeks then when I've never made it that far before? Well, the policy at our hospital is no inducing or c-sections before 39 weeks unless medically necessary. Well, tonight is my last appointment before I hit 39 weeks so she's probably going to want to schedule an induction just in case. 39 weeks is Sunday which means she'd want to schedule it for Monday. I'd prefer to have the baby at the end of the week to get those extra few days from the weekend with Dennis around so any chance I can convince her of pushing it up to Thursday or Friday? Probably not, but that would mean baby by the end of the week! However, I haven't decided if I am willing to be induced or not (I sooooo don't want an IV, that was my whole reason for deciding to try to go natural last time....) so I'm not really sure what to do at my appointment tonight. Dennis says it doesn't matter since the induction wouldn't be until the beginning of next week and she'll be here before then. Oh, can I hope!?! lol.

6 - So, because I'm so disappointed she's not here yet, I've resigned myself to the fact that she's decided to wait as long as possible to come, she just wants to stay put. I was saying so to Dennis when we started talking about the induction option this morning. And now he's the one saying she'll be her by the end of the week. lol. I'm normally the one saying she'll come early, and he's the one saying don't be disappointed if she stays put until your due date or later. LOL! Oh, how we sometimes switch roles. And honestly, I still see her coming early, there's still 12 days until my due date of 10/10/10 and Danielle was only 10 days early so it really could be any time but hopefully if I keep telling myself she's staying put I'll be pleasantly surprised when she comes early instead of so disappointed every morning when I'm still pregnant, lol. (I've gone into labor both other times in the middle of the night). Though, I've just known this whole pregnancy she was going to be a September baby and if she is, she'd better hurry up cuz there's only a few days left!

Ok, so is that enough random, mostly baby stuff, for you? And can I go back to bed now?

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Pregnant Lady who cried Baby...

Third pregnancy... You'd think I'd know when I was in labor!

With Danielle there was a night or two before she was born where I was up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night with contractions, but they never got closer than 6-10 minutes apart or that painful. I worried what would happen if the same thing happened this time but figured I'd be able to tell whether or not it was actual labor and that I needed to head into the hospital.

Well, because my labor with her was only an hour long, I had instructions to head right in at the first sign of contractions because well... I don't want to deliver the baby at home or in the car! (Not to start a home v. hospital debate, I just prefer to go in to the hospital to have the baby, though I respect those women who choose to give birth at home, it's just not for me). Well, early Sunday morning about 3:30 or so I woke up and had contractions that were 3-5 minutes apart so I woke up Dennis and told him we'd better go. They weren't that intense, but they were pretty close together. So, we get ready and go...

And they get further and further and further apart... Yay :( So, we were there until about 5:30 and discharged to go home with the contractions about 10 minutes apart, but they had accomplished nothing during that time. If they'd only managed to dilate me one more centimeter they probably would have kept me (not that I really know) but so, no baby yet :( And I'm the pregnant lady who cried baby! Well, let's hope next time I head in, it's the real thing and not false labor again!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Recent Pictures

Posted September 21st:

Here are a couple of pictures I've meant to post and haven't. I have been busy posting lately though, haven't I? (Comes from boredom, too tired and sore to do much but sit around) Anyway, here you go:

Too Excited

Ever hear the phrase "like a kid in a candy store." Well, that one doesn't describe me right now, but how about a kid waiting for Christmas morning! Seriously, Christmas could be coming any day around here and I don't think I could be more excited.

I had some strong Braxton Hicks Contractions this morning that obviously turned into nothing but I was getting so excited thinking maybe it was time... Only it wasn't :( How about the kid who wakes up thinking it's Christmas morning only to find out it's not :( Ah well, Christmas will come soon enough and I'll be holding this little bundle of joy in my arms!

Really though I am so excited for her to get here. I cannot wait to add another beautiful little girl into our family. I know the girls are just going to adore here, sure sometimes I worry how they'll adjust to a new sibling, but I know they will love her. They both seem excited about the new baby as well.

This morning Charity wanted to feel her move and she wasn't interested so I told Charity she was sleeping but maybe she'd wake up after I had breakfast. Guess who went and fixed me a bowl of cereal right then! lol. Danielle loves to try to do things for the baby, that don't work yet. lol. She got out the baby wash the other day, thinking it was lotion, and when I told her no that's for giving the baby a bath, she wanted to give my tummy a bath. Charity plays that there is a baby in her tummy and so her and Danielle fight over where the baby is since Danielle KNOWS it's in Mommy's tummy, lol. They're just so cute in their own anticipation of her.

So, for now the waiting continues but soon, soon, all this excitement and anticipation will soon pay off!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pregnancy Complaints

I've been trying to decide whether or not to post about this since it is a bit more of a downer post and goes a bit more into what I'm feeling, more of those private thoughts, but I want to get it out there. And it felt good to get my thoughts typed out a bit. I don't really know if all of my frustration with the topic comes out or not but all I can say is pregnancy and I really don't get along and this one hasn't been any exception, not even close.

Dennis keeps making comments about how this pregnancy has been better than either of the others and I haven't been able to figure out how on earth he thinks that. The other night I discovered why. I haven't been complaining enough. Seriously. He was talking about how my back hasn't hurt as much and I've been able to do more and this that and the other. It was a couple nights ago so I no longer remember what all was said, just the jist of the conversation. And he must only think that because I haven't complained as much. That's the only reason I can come up with!

I haven't really had any help this pregnancy which is the only reason I've done more. I've HAD to do more. It didn't mean I felt any better or anything of that. I've simply had to do it. When you've got 2 little kids depending on you, you HAVE to get up with them in the morning, you HAVE to feed them, you HAVE to clean up after them (not that I've done a whole lot of that anyway) at least the necessary clean up stuff. But I've done a lot more this pregnancy because I've HAD to. And you know what, I've hurt more and stuff to. There's just been no reason to complain about it because who was going to help me with it or shoulder some of it? There has been NO ONE to help.

My first pregnancy was well, my first pregnancy. I had the ability to lay around all day and not do anything. That was nice. No kids to chase after or messes to clean up. If I had a headache I could just lay in the dark and let it pass. My second pregnancy my wonderful Mother was able to come and stay with us for weeks at a time during the whole pregnancy and help. This time, Dennis was taking 2 classes at school and super super busy, he was never around. Mom had just had back surgery, she could barely walk let alone come help take care of my kids and my house. This time I've had kids to take care of. Sorry I forgot to complain about just how horrible it's been and the pain I've been in and miserably sick. I've taken a lot more tylenol with this pregnancy as well simply because with 2 small children to take care of (and boy do 2 small children require a lot of time and energy!) I can't afford to have these terrible headaches and try to get them to go away on their own so tylenol it's been. Really, I'd prefer to NOT take medication during pregnancy but sometimes you do what you've got to do.

For the 2 weeks I was taking tylenol while dealing with tooth pain cuz of the root canal, I felt wonderful! That stuff makes it so all the fun pregnancy pain goes away too... No back what, no round ligament pain, seriously, felt just about normal. Still natious, didn't help with that, but atleast no pain. But you can't live on pain killers while pregnant.

So, what was I suppose to do? If you come to my house you can see just how little I've done. It's such a mess. Yes, once a month or so Dennis has helped out to make the whole house presentable but it doesn't stay that way for long. I don't think there's been any REAL deep, good cleaning done around the house since I got pregnant, just enough to make it look presentable when someone comes over and it's driven me CRAZY but I haven't been able to do more than that.

When he was talking to me the other night I just couldn't imagine how he COULDN'T see how miserable it's been and how much pain I've been in. But, I guess that's men for you, especially when they've been super busy with other stuff, hence I just haven't complained enough which is really sort of backwards because you'd think with all of the lack of help I've had, I'd have been complaining more but I guess not.

Charity's First Field Trip

So, last Friday was Charity's first field trip for preschool. They'd been talking about it and she was really looking forward to it. Guess where it was? The Aquarium! She was very very excited. They do a field trip every month and it's meant as a way to help reinforce what they've been learning. So, the first few weeks they'd done F for Fish, O for Octopus and J for Jellyfish. Charity was so excited to go see them! It's been well over a year since the last time we'd been to the Aquarium so she didn't remember it.

It was a lot of fun! And she had a great time running around with her friends. One girl in particular she's become really good friends with and they just followed each other around the whole time. It was cute to watch, hard to keep up! lol. Of course Danielle loved it too! And we had just as hard a time keeping up with her chasing Charity around (and trying to wander off on her own!) She really enjoyed the Stingrays and the Penguins.

When you ask Charity what her favorite part was though, it was the frogs. LOL, I can't imagine why, they just sat there and did nothing but that was her favorite part. Although she loves to talk about getting to touch the star fish and the sting rays.

I'm so glad she's enjoying school so much!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

36 Week Appointment

So, I had my 36 week appointment Tuesday night and since they were doing the Group B Strep test I asked to be checked as well. It turns out that I am 1+cm dialted, not a 2 yet but more than a 1, and that I'm 70-80% effaced and very soft. Sounds promising, right :)

With Charity I was never checked before she was born so when she came a little over 3 weeks early, I have no idea if my body had done any gearing up for labor before hand and that labor was only 10 hours long, though 2 1/2 of it was pushing, and another hour of it was waiting for the doctor for me to start pushing because he was next door deliving a baby, which means I was ready to push in 6 1/2 hours.

Well, with Danielle the only one I had written down that I could find was my 38 week appoinment. At that one I was 3cm dialated, and only 60% effaced that time. And labor with her was an hour, total....

So, we'll see when I go into labor this time (please oh please let Dennis be home and my parents here to watch the kids! lol). How soon and how short it will be are the main questions plaguing me lately! lol.

Monday, September 13, 2010

36 Weeks

So, I've now hit 36 weeks and the waiting game has begun! Who knows when this little girl will decide to make her appearance. When I was pregnant with Charity, hitting 36 weeks meant nothing more than I had a month left until my due date but since SHE decided to make her appearance a little over 3 weeks early it means we have to be ready that much sooner and possibly sit around waiting that much longer! lol.

If this little girl decides to make her appearance as soon as Charity did, she'll be here the end of the week. If she waits as long as Danielle did, we've got until the end of this month. lol. Who knows, maybe she'll wait longer than Danielle did so it could be into October (I do have a friend hoping for Oct 2nd so she can share a birthday with her little girl, lol). I'm betting on a September birthday, probably early 20s but I'm sure this little girl will decide when she thinks the time is right. Until then, we're left waiting! But atleast the waiting game has begun and we are that much closer to her getting here, and me not being pregnant anymore!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Much Needed Break

So, I find myself getting more and more irritable and temporamental the further along I get (Although, believe me, I've been plenty of both the whole pregnancy, poor Dennis, though he claims I haven't been that bad this time) and life in general has been driving me crazy!

Well, some ladies from my ward set up a girl getaway for this past weekend. We rented a hotel room up in Park City and just went to go play and destress. It ended up that our hotel room (a 2 bedroom suite with a full kitchen) opened up right onto the pool area and it was just amazing! We hung out, talking and watching movies and playing games. We went swimming and sat in the hot tub. I didn't sit in the hot tub but on the edge with my feet in. It was a colder night but the regular pool was heated so it felt great too! So I got to hang out, relax, go swimming and just destress for a little while. It was SOOOO NICE! Then I ended up getting a bed to myself with a million pillows and it was so comfortable. I took full advantage! On Saturday after we checked out of the hotel some of the ladies went and rode the Alpine Slide (Wish I could have! It looked like a lot of fun!) and then we went to some outlet malls where I found the perfect Halloween costume for the baby and for Danielle. The baby we wanted to be a bear this year but I haven't been able to find a good bear costume for a girl. There was only one we found online that seemed ok but this one is pink and fuzzy and perfect :) I can't wait for Halloween just to put her in it! lol. We hadn't been able to decide what Danielle was going to be for Halloween but I found the cutest fairy costume and couldn't resist. Honestly, I can't guarantee she'll be a fairy for Halloween (though it's definitely my vote) but we have a lot of dress up stuff that's all mostly Charity size and now Danielle will be able to dress up with Charity even if she doesn't dress up as a fairy for Halloween. I'm definitely pushing it though, it is SO cute! And all the outlet stores had their Halloween costumes at 30-40% off so they were some great prices too! Even better! (I spent less than half on the baby's costume than what we were going to have to pay to order it online!!!)

Then, the girls were so excited to see me when I got home! They both just came running and jumping up and down and it was so cute to see them :) Charity started telling me all about school he day before and that I hadn't been home but she wanted to show me what she made so she had to run in the house and bring it out to me to show me right then. If I get such a great welcome home, I may have to go away more often! I know they had a fun time with Daddy though because I made them tell me all about the fun stuff I'd missed while I was gone :) Though, Charity was a bit upset with me I didn't bring her home a costume, she kept looking in the bag for her crayon costume. That's what she's decided she wants to be this year, but we're waiting to hear from Grandma what size crayon costume she has. So, Charity just has to wait a little longer for hers.

All in all, it was a really great weekend!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Etsy Stores

Mom and I have decided we're going to start an Etsy store :) to sell all things crafty of course :)

There is this really cool car seat blanket that Mom makes and that's going to be our primary seller I think, but then you know how crafty Mom is and all the stuff she likes to make so then she's occassionally gonna add in some other stuff to sell. We named it MomsOddsandEnds. We haven't transitioned it into a store yet, but look for it in the coming weeks. If I actually get everything ready for baby and am just sitting around waiting, I may try to get a few blankets made and added. Yay! A way for us to earn maybe just a little extra money and have some fun in the process.

Isn't Moms Odds and Ends a cute title? I figure since there's gonna be a little bit of everything it's fitting, and probably better than what we initially wanted (Crafty Mommas). Dennis said he really likes Moms Odds and Ends better, lol.... Now I gotta go make us a title picture or something!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Antelope Island

So, though I've lived within several hours of Salt Lake a good portion of my life, I had never been to Antelope Island. I've been bugging Dennis for a couple of years now that I really wanted to go see it and we finally did!

My parents were here visiting and it turned out THEY had never been to Antelope Island either so all of us went for the very first time! It was so much fun. We are definitely going back! Being Labor Day I was a bit worried it might be a bit crowded, Dennis wasn't really sure he wanted to go so it took some convincing. We ended up not leaving here until 1:30 or so in the afternoon. It's about an hour and a half drive there. Well, when we got to Layton (I think it's Layton) we decided we better stop and eat there first cuz we hadn't had lunch and it was 2:30 at this point. I saw a Cracker Barrel and wanted to try it but we decided it was too expensive. Then we saw a Golden Corral that had a sign up about a Senior Lunch of like $5 1/2 and the girls would be free I thougtht so we decided to stop there... Oops. Since it was a holiday they went straight to their dinner prices for lunch and Charity is 4 now so she no longer qualifies for free meals at buffets, lol. So, we ended up spending a lot more on lunch than we had planned on but overall it was really good and we had an excellent waitress who made sure our glasses were never empty and it was just a fun time... So much fun that we were there for 2 hours! lol. But did I mention that I got to eat likea dozen strawberries with fudge? Yummy!

So it was practically evening by the time we made it out to the island. We stopped at the Visitor's Center first and had a look around. It's got a lot of pretty cool stuff, and some pretty cool stuff in their gift shop too... lol. We had intended on playing on the beach and in the water for a littl while but the water was sooooo low that it would have been a long walk out to it and Mom and I were both definitely not up to it so Charity had to be a little disappointed, but she'll get a chance some time. Then we just drove around looking at the animals. We saw a ton! Lots of lots of Bison and quite a few small herds of Antelope. The girls were in love with the Bison. There were several that were right by the side of the road so they could see them really well but all the Antelope had been far away and up on the hillside, a lot harder for little kids to spot. And we even got to see a Coyote! He had been on the road and then dodged into the grass when we came by and we saw him walk away (he didn't even run). So, that was really cool!

Overall, it was a really fun day and I look forward to going again some time!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

They've Arrived!!!

Yay!!! So, the crib, car seat, and bassinet are here!!! They're here! They're here! They're here! Yay!!! Can you tell I'm excited?

We got the crib in last weekend and got it all set up, I will have to post pictures with the cute bedding when I get around to taking some! And then this weekend the rest of the order came in and we got to go pick up the car seat and the bassinet! I LOVE the bassinet, it's going to be sooooo useful! Dennis hates it, I guess it was a pain to put together... especially with a couple of little girls trying to help. But YAY! One step closer to being ready for her to arrive!

And as of today I'm at 35 weeks. We start the waiting game at 36 weeks around here since Charity came a little over 3 weeks early so this week I need to make sure and finish up the last essential things and then we'll do all the extras (like finish painting the kitchen, lol) in the next few weeks!

The end is getting closer!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Changing My Perspective

So, I've decided I'm going to change my perspective. So, here it is:

I am NOT that miserable! I am NOT in that much pain! I haven't thrown up in well over a week so that is me doing WONDERFUL! It's I ONLY have a little less than 6 weeks left until my due date, not that I still have 6 weeks left. I will be able to get everything done that I still need to do!

There, now I just have to stick to it :) Perspective is reality, right? So now the next few weeks can fly by faster than I want them to and I can enjoy the end of this pregnancy instead of being miserable. That is the goal, right? Oh, and get a lot of stuff done between now and then!