Saturday, June 13, 2009

Free Water or Soda?

So, when did water stop being free? I remember back in the day when at a restaurant/fast food place you could order a water, no questions asked and they'd give you some water to drink! How things have changed...

So, today we went shopping a little late and were starving by the time we were done so my awesome husband (who NEVER wants to eat out) asked me where I'd like to go to get something to eat. So, I was nice to him and picked Carl's Jr. Lately, I drink water, I prefer water... Weird, I know. So, I wanted a large cup of water with my food to drink. The lady said she'd have to charge us for the cup. That's fine, most places will occasionally charge you for the cup whatever. Well, our whole order ended up being a couple dollars more than we expected so we looked at the receipt to see what was up and they didn't just charge me for the cup, they charged me for a large drink! So, everyone, I guess now the soda's free and you're just paying for the cup! I told them I wanted a lemonade instead of the water. I figured if I was getting charged the price, might as well as get what I was paying for. Anyway, that was my rant for the day. Now I've got to go convince a little girl it's bedtime :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Adventure this week

So I was going to blog about this the other day after it happened but now a few days have gone by. Most of you already know about this but I like to think of this blog partially as my journal so I can look back in a few years and read it. So, on Tuesday after we got back from the gym I took Danielle in the house (she was sleeping) and then stayed outside with Charity. I had decided to switch the carseats around for which side of the van they were on and so I let Angel outside with us while I was doing that. When I got I told Charity we needed to go inside and as she was getting out of the minivan she pushed the button to close the door. Frustrated I said, Charity you can't leave Angel in the minivan! So, what did my little girl do? She tried to open the door back up to let Angel out! Well, the door does have a tension release whatever you call it so that if it "bumps" into something it's suppose to reverse and go back out. Well, three year olds have little fingers and she didn't think to get her hand out of the way so the door got her fingers :( Now, it did finally realize something was there and open back up so it never fully closed but when she pulled her hand away it looked like one of her fingers was bent in a funny direction. So, what does mommy do? Mommy freaks out!

I stuck her back in the car, called Dennis on the phone, ran over to Tiffany's to ask her to watch Danielle (I figured that was quicker than getting her in the van and dealing with a baby in tow) cuz I was taking Charity to the doctor. Now, by the time I got back over from Tiffany's, got our insurance card and was on our way she seemed more upset about me taking her to the doctor than about her fingers. But it was the two fingers she sucks on and she had yet to even try to put them in her mouth as far as I could see and she wouldn't bend her fingers for me or move them around. Of course maybe she was just afraid mommy was going to to freak out again :(

But I did take her in, the doctor told me that at such a young age their bones are still pretty malleable so since the door hadn't shut all the way he doubted her fingers were broke. They did X-Rays to check out her fingers and all was well! She thought it was cool to see the pictures of her bones (the first smile since she hurt her fingers) and LOVED the band-aids they gave her.

Probably if I hadn't of freaked out and waited 10 minutes I never would have taken her in because I would have seen that she was acting fine but I would have worried for a while so it's probably best that I did take her in. But I've decided next year, I'm changing our insurance to one without as high of a deductible! Apparently kids can go through that really quickly. lol. But things are good, she's fine and makes sure to mention every time she gets in or out of the van that she's not gonna stick her fingers in the door again so I guess lesson learned... until number 2 decides she wants to learn the lesson. Oh, I hope she doesn't have to learn the hard way!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oops Again!

OK, so the oops in the title of my post yesterday was to say oops, I should be cleaning. But it turned into something else entirely! It was an OOPS! I RUINED THE SURPRISE! See, we were going to surprise my mom with the fact that Laura is coming and well... she's one of the people who read this blog so... OOPS!!! Well, at least you know we love you mom!

In other words, Charity is so cute! This morning she asked for hot cocoa and I told her ok, I'd make it for her but only because I love her so much! But she told me that I didn't love her so much, I loved her too. Then she started singing the barney song (that's what she calls it) that goes, I love you, you love me, we're best friends like friends should be with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won't you say you love me to? Now, isn't that cute :) Then she made me sing the song to her!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oops... and Buyer's Remorse

So I really should be cleaning my house right now but I decided I'd update my blog instead! lol. I'm so excited!!! I just found out that Laura and her kids are coming for a visit at the end of the month!!! YAY! I think we need to go to Yellowstone while they're here but we'll see if it works out or not. The weekends don't work and I'm not sure the week will either :(

Oh, but guess what we did this weekend? We're completely crazy. We bought a minivan! We had to trade in the red car (which is the crazy part, I LOVED that car) but we got a minivan. It has a dvd player in it so Charity loves it and wants to spend the whole day riding in it. lol. But with Laura and I both having a minivan that means that Mom and Dad and the boys (they're watching my nephews) could go to Yellowstone and it would only require the 2 vehicles! We'll see though.

But anyway, we had no intention of actually buying one on Saturday, we just went looking but I guess we must have fallen in love with this one or something. lol. How on earth did I let Dennis talk me into parting with my red car!?! lol. Can you tell which part about the deal I didn't like? But it's a Dodge Grand Caravan and has the stow and go seating! I wish it had built in car seats as well but the salesman said you couldn't have both! :( Oh well, guess we'll just have to keep using the ones we've already got :)

On a side note, buyer's remorse is always fun... I was talking to Laura the next day and said something about it and she said something like oh so you're going through the "now that we've done it should we really have done it" phase. lol, I told her yep, and most people experience that because it's called Buyer's Remorse. I actually learned that term in a marketing class that I took in college. lol. So, what have you had buyer's remorse about lately?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All's Well

So Charity did great today! With the IV anesthetic that they did they gave her a little shot in the arm to sedate her a little. Which they did while she was sitting on my lap in the waiting room looking through a basket of prizes. She didn't even notice!!! Then once that was working they took her back and hooked her up to the IV and the monitors and did her dental work. Her teeth now look better than they ever have before! It's so great to have the spots gone.

It did take her a little while longer than the average to come out of the anesthesia but nothing to worry about and she was doing great a few hours later! They told us she would need a restful day and most likely take a nap later on during the day (not our little girl, lol). She was running around the yard this evening playing with her friend Alex.

At dinner when she was eating she did complain a little bit that her teeth hurt. Daddy got her some medicine to help :) He's such a sweetie. So, we'll see how she's feeling tomorrow but I think her mouth being a bit sore is to be expected. But yeah, so all in all it went great!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Teeth... Teeth... and more teeth

So when Charity's top front teeth came in they had circles on them that looked like the enamel was missing. I knew she was going to need to see a dentist but it wasn't until the end of April when one of them chipped that I finally got on it. With our dental insurance we don't have any dentists that are covered in our area and had to go into Salt Lake. Well, because pediatric dentists are considered specialist we had to take her to a normal dentist and then get a referral to the pediatric dentist. I ended up picking a dentist (Dennis and I needed to go in as well, it's been years for both of us) that had a pediatric dentist right above them in the same building.

Well, our dentist appointment was in the middle of May and then after getting the referral to the pediatric dentist because a normal one can only do cleanings on small children's teeth I scheduled her an appointment to see the pediatric dentist that was the end of last week. Well, oh for the first dentist she opened her mouth a little but refused to take out her fingers! For the pediatric dentist we actually got her to let him look in her mouth which is great.

Well, the tops of the molars form at the same time as the front teeth and it looks like they have a little bit of the same thing going on as well. I thought it was funny that the dentist was reassuring that this wasn't our fault that it was a developmental issue with her teeth. lol, even though Dennis kept going on about the amount of sugar she eats :) But the pediatric dentist said that the rest of her teeth actually look really good so I'm SO glad to hear that! I already knew it had to do when they were forming (probably due to either me being so sick, being on antibiotics, or a combination of both) because I had researched it when she was younger to try to figure out why her teeth were like that.

But one of her front teeth is to the point that it's starting to affect the nerve and Dennis and I have noticed she's stopped biting into things as much, especially if they're cold though she never complains about any pain. But in order to do any work in small children they put them under which is just scary for me :( But the teeth need to get taken care of. The dentist said we could either just have them pulled or fix them. He thinks she has enough tooth they won't need to do a cap so I guess it'll just be fillings? I don't know how that works with front teeth. But anyway, so her appointment is on Wednesday (yes this wednesday) to have her teeth fixed. So, keep us in your prayers and thoughts that all goes well.

Happy Birthday to ME.... a week late

So I really should have posted this last week... but I forgot lol. I've been so bad about blogging the last few months. But I had a great birthday. Dennis gave me a watch that counts your calories as well for me to use so I'm thrilled about that! I already got my gym membership a few months early :) lol, and I'm LOVING that! I've made it a goal to try to go atleast 3x a week. I'm good some weeks! But there are a couple of classes that I really enjoy. Anyway, so then we went out to dinner that night which was night and we got to go on a date the weekend before! (thanks mom and dad!) And thanks everyone for your birthday wishes!