Friday, February 29, 2008

Scared my parents today

So, Charity loves to call grandpa. And todayI was looking up ob/gyn information on our insurance website (to look for a new one who is covered) and then I just played some games. During this time Charity wanted to talk to grandpa. So, I called and let her talk to him. She took the phone with her in the other room. Well, I checked my e-mail a while later and I had an e-mail from my mom asking where I was and how was I doing and to check in with them as soon as possible cuz they were worried sick about me. huh?

Apparently, Charity ended up talking to grandpa and grandma for over an hour and she wouldn't take the phone to mommy and told them I was sleeping on the couch.... ok... so, I guess this is the imagination of a 21 month old when they don't want to give up the phone? LOL. Well, after reading the e-mail (and responding) I wondered why they never called but I was being too lazy to go try to find the phone at the moment to call them back and ask why.

Well, the phone had died. I guess that explains why Charity got off the phone at all... and why they never called (I thought), they just thought I wasn't answering. lol.... Although it was going to voicemail so they should have guessed, they know what that means!

So, I got lucky the cops never showed up at my house to check on me! Yes, my dad was actually considering calling them to have them come check. And from now on I guess I have to keep a better eye on Charity when she's talking to grandma and grandpa so they don't think I've fallen off the planet and died ;)

So, that was my adventure for the day.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Got the Car out of the shop!

So, our green car is finally done in the shop! Yay!!! It's nice to be back to having two cars. Even though we only recently had gotten a second one it was missed over the last week or so! Oh, a quick little update. Dh got into a car accident on 1/9. We weren't able to take the car into the shop until like 1/15 because we had to wait for the adjustor to come and take a look at it and then for him to send the report so we could take it in. The body shop we took it to (one of 2 where we live) was so backed up they said they couldn't make an appointment for it until March but we could leave it there and they could work on it in little bits as they had the time. Well, our rental car (picked up on like 1/11) was only available under the insurance for 30 days but the weekend of the 12th we went ahead and bought another car. We'd been planning on buying one in February/Marchish but just decided to do it early. Well, the car took longer than that so we were back down to just the one for two weeks. But now the car is done and we're back to having 2 and it is so nice to know that if I need to go somewhere the car is right there! I love it, and it's 4 doors which is even better with a baby on the way!!!

Oh, and even better news was that the body shop got a used bumper in that was the same color as our car so instead of getting a new one and them having to paint it, they were just able to use the used bumper which saved us some money! Yay! So, we don't have to pay the deductible since it stayed below the amount the insurance company's estimate was for! That's always nice.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Total Lunar Eclipse

So, I just got this in my e-mail from my mom, my older sister took this picture of the Total Lunar Eclipse with her cell phone through her telescope! It's a pretty nice picture!

Never got around to posting yesterday :(

So, my next door neighbor, T, and I set up a photoshoot yesterday to have some fun taking pictures of our kiddos. I so planned on then downloading the pictures and posting them, but alas I still haven't gotten around to it. lol, so once I get those downloaded I will post them!

So, I figured I'd just meander my way around my thoughts today so everyone can see how crazy I really am :) First, I just wanted to rave about water aerobics. A friend (V) and I are going to the arthritis/pregancy class (we're the only pregnant ones there!) and it is sooooo nice! Physically, even though it IS tiring, I feel so much better afterwards. The class is two times a week but we are only going once a week right now because she just got over Salmonella Poisoning and is trying to take it easy. I told her as long as we go once a week, it's good, if we ever manage to go twice it will just be a bonus. lol.

Oh, I found out yesterday I'm going to be released from nursery soon! OK, atleast that is the assumption I've made. lol. I know they've been looking to replace me since I'm pregnant, and V is also in nursery with her husband and they've been looking to replace them too since he got a new calling and she's pregnant. How fun is it to know someone due so close to the same time as you? Oh, yeah, I'm due the 21st, she is due the 15th. Although V started out due the 23th, then it got moved to the 18th and then just moved up to the 15th! Can I have my due date moved too!?! lol. Ah well, I told her if our kids come as early as they did last time we might actually have them around the same time! (she's due with a little girl too!).

I would love to get Charity's and this little one's room all done by the time the baby gets here but I doubt it will happen. Walls STILL need to be painted, decorations need to be hung up, I'd love to reorganize some of the toys and HIDE some of them! lol. About 6 months ago I pulled out the toys I'd had in the closet fully planning on hiding the onces that had been out... still haven't gotten around to it!

Sounds like my living room too... I rearranged it about 6 months ago... well, moved the big furniture, but never got around to rearranging everything else... oops, and now I want to rearrange it again! One of these weekends I'm going to get Dennis to help me do everything around the house I want done... Ok, but I can dream right? I know, it could never all get done in a weekend, and then to actually find enough time to even do half of the stuff... uh huh, yeah right. lol.

Atleast the earthquake didn't bother us this morning though. Did everyone hear about that? There was a 6.3 earthquake near Wells, NV this morning (about 1/2 way inbetween Elko and Wendover). Charity and I slept right through... Dennis said he felt it at work though. But, apparently, it was felt all over southern idaho, northern utah, maybe even into the middle of utah? I'm not sure but it wouldn't surprise me. My mom said it was reported as being felt as far north as Idaho Falls in Idaho!!! WOW!!! I wonder if Sam felt it...

I missed the total lunar eclipse last night too :( Mean clouds. I got really excited when I heard about it, but then I looked outside and thought how it was soooo not going to be visible from here. The next one won't be until December of 2010!!!! Well, maybe Charity will be old enough to enjoy the experience then! Ha, so might this little girl!!! How funny. Anyone got any ideas for good names? Dennis and I are still having trouble coming up with the perfect name for her :(

Ok, so see how my mind has wondered and I haven't even posted everything I wanted to! lol, It would come to me in the middle of writing about something else but then I'd so, no I've gotta wait until I'm done with this thought but then I'd move onto something else! lol. I guess you'll just have to ask me about The Five Love Languages Book, How terrible US Airways is, how I have to find a new doctor... let's see, what else... oh, what a pain in the butt it is to do taxes... I'm going to have to see if Turbo Tax has a number you can call to ask someone a question... or maybe my dad might know, I'll have to call him later and ask.... hmmmm....

Well, mom duties are calling so I'd better go, I've got a lot of cleaning to do today after neglecting the house yesterday too! Ahh, the fun life of a SAHM!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Little About Us

Hi, welcome to our blog. Dennis and I have been married since August 8, 2002. He graduated in Computer Engineering and now has a grown up job :) I'm a stay at home mom to our beautiful daughter Charity. She's going to be 2 in May! I can't believe where the time has gone. And I'm sure she's excited to be getting a sister for her birthday. So, we're all anxiously awaiting baby girl #2!

About Sarah
I was going to school for Graphic Design (an art major EEEK!) but then I switched to Broadcasting, a degree in Journalism. Once the kids are old enough I might try to get back into Graphic Design type stuff or I might pursue becoming a doula a little more. Right now my favorite away from home activity is Water Aerobics, it feels so good with this pregnant belly.

About Dennis
He's at work right now, so when he gets home tonight he'll add a little blurb about himself :)

About Charity
I am so in love with lining things up right now! It's just fun. Especially laying all of my baby dolls in a row, and blocks! You have to love blocks.

About Baby Girl #2
I'm just a little kicker. I'm not nearly as active as my sister was but I can still get a jiggling when I want to :) Do you see my picture? Cute, ain't I?

Baby Girl #2


Charity wanting brownies


My first blog post EVER

OK. So, my friend Sam really wants me to set up a blog so we can keep in contact easier and share pictures easier. I've been thinking of setting one up for a long long loooooooong time now so I decided to go ahead and do it :) So, here it is.