Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wait, WHAT!?!

So, today I realized that if this baby girl comes as early as Charity did, then she will be here in a little over a month!!! What!?! Can I really be that close already!?! I feel like I still have so much to do to get ready but I know my list is short short short! lol (not a lot needs to be done, we could be ready today if needed, but please, not today!)

Oh, and I decided that I want to redo Charity's room. We were just going to paint and I was going to match the duck curtains and stuff that's already in there. But when Dennis and I were talking last night we realized it's going to be a girl's room so why not have fun with it? I have this pretty lamp/candle holder thing that has dragonflies on it and if I get my way I want to paint the walls a warm cream color, then paint the chair rail a baby blue and then paint dragonflies and flowers on the walls in pinks/purples/and yellows. Ofcourse with just a bit of green thrown in. I think it would be so pretty but Dennis isn't sure he likes the idea so we will see... Plus he wants to get the guest bedroom done first :( Although I have to admit, that room does need repainted the most so I guess it's only fair.

Well, it's time for Charity's nap so I'd better go put her down. Oh, and a sneak preview for those who are reading this (DON'T TELL ANYONE!) our choices have been narrowed down to Isabelle May, Danielle Lillian or Lillian Danielle! I think, lol.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Charity at 21 months!

Check out the slideshow I just added of Charity. These pictures were taken just a couple of weeks ago. I can't believe how big she has gotten!

(and boy did it take FOREVER to figure out how to get that slideshow to work correctly so yay me for figuring it out finally!)

Easter Weekend!

It was a good weekend. We did our Easter on saturday morning since we weren't sure whether we were going to delta on either saturday afternoon or sunday morning. Charity had fun hunting for all the eggs and eating lots of chocolate! It was hard to convince her candy wasn't a good breakfast! Then she played for a little while and took a nap. Renell came (she needed a ride to the airport and a place to stash her truck, lol) and we gave her a ride. It was fun getting to hang out with her for a little while.

Then charity and I went to an easter party while Dennis stayed home and did his homework. Poor guy had a paper due saturday night that he had to get done. Charity and I spent most of the day with Ginny and James. We came home about 7 or so. I read over his paper, he submitted it. Because it had taken him all day to work on the paper he had decided we were going to go to delta on sunday morning but then we decided to just head down there that night anyway so then we had to hurry and get ready to go... it was a long day! lol.

On sunday charity got some easter stuff from family down there. It was fun. We spent most of the day outside and she absolutely loved it, except for when she fell down and got a goose egg on her forhead! Poor girl, smacked her head on the cement! She got over that pretty quickly though. It always seems with kids that when they get hurt it upsets mom for a lot longer than it upsets them! I figure the bruise will be gone within a few days though. Poor girl. She did have fun playing with the dogs though. She even petted one of them! lol. Mostly she just played chicken with brownie (her uncle Scottie's dog). It was cute. Oh, at one point I did take her for a walk (at her insistence, silly girl) and that was fun. She just talked and talked and talked... I wasn't sure what she was saying for most of it but she certainly enjoyed it!

Now it's all over and clean up has begun :) Although I think I'm going to leave the Easter eggs out for a while for her to play with. She really seems to enjoy them! (especially when they've got chocolate inside!)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Anyone out there!?!

OK, so..... I started this blog and sent a link to most people I know and no one reads it it seems!!! Where is everyone?

Ok, well my update for the week... it's been a long week, just a lot of stuff going on. Tomorrow should be fun though. For a Relief Society activity I am going to a taping of the tv show Good Things Utah. That should be a lot of fun! There is a group of 4 of us riding together and then we may go out to lunch afterwards, I just have to be back in time to make my doctor's appointment!

Can you believe I hit 31 weeks already! This preganancy is going sooo slow, and flying by at the same time. It's weird to think that if she comes as early as Charity did that we could have a baby in a month in a half, and we don't even have a clue what her name is going to be yet! Dennis and I were talking about names last night but we have still yet to make any sort of decision. Hopefully we can get it atleast narrowed down some and soon!

Monday, March 10, 2008

What a fun weekend!

Ok, so my parents came to visit this weekend and it was sooo nice. Mom did most of the cooking and the dishes and they watched Charity some for us so we got to go to a movie Saturday afternoon and that was nice. They also watched Charity on friday while we went to my appointment and did a little bit of shopping. My appointment went really well. She said I must be good at hiding babies. lol. I'm still measuring pretty much a centimeter behind but she said we'd just keep an eye on it and see how I'm measuring next time, but that things were looking good. She also said that she thinks given my history we'll have a baby the first or second week of May. :P lol, take that Dennis! haha. J/k. He keeps telling me not to get my hopes up that I'll deliver early, lol.

I really need to get some pictures taken of me, I haven't gotten one since I was like 4 months along! Dad told me this weekend that when he saw me 3 weeks ago I didn't really look pregnant, but now I REALLy look pregnant. lol, I geuss I've "popped". I'd say I'm definitely bigger at this point this time than I was last time. It's so much fun to actually look pregnant :)

Well, Charity is napping and I've got some housework I need to get done today if I'm going to take her to the park (if it's warm enough!) So I'd better get on that. I just wanted to let everyone know my appointment went well and that the weekend was good!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What a fun week?

So, everyone has been sick this week... Charity and Dennis were sick last weekend and now they're feeling better but I'm the one who is feeling terrible now :( I gotta tell you, being sick and pregnant is beyond miserable. :(

Then on Friday I have my next doctor's appointment and I am having the GD test done so I get to drink that yucky drink :( But I got it set up so we are switching over to the certified nurse midwife at the practice. I decided I'd like to go with her since we've met with her before and she seemed really nice and was easy to talk to so we'll see how that goes after the appointment on Friday.

Not much else going on here, except that we still need to get our taxes filed, I still have to upload the pictures so I can post them and since my parents are coming this weekend I need to clean, clean, clean...