Monday, June 30, 2008

So Much for Home Again!

LOL. I totally forgot when I posted that that we are headed out of town this upcoming weekend! We're going to Delta to visit family for the holiday. How funny. Initial plans were to go camping, but I'm not sure if we are doing that anymore or not. Dennis may want us to take Charity to the rodeo though. That might be fun if we do.

Well, we're settling into being home and having the house to ourselves. After all the neglect lately though, the house needs a lot of cleaning! It doesn't help that I want to do some rearranging too but oh well. It's still just nice to be home.

Oh, we're going to the zoo on Wednesday. That should be a lot of fun. It's Tiffany's birthday so we figured it would be a fun way to celebrate :) Yay for the zoo! Don't worry, I'll take pictures :) Oh, which reminds me I've got pictures to post but you can have a sneak peak by looking here: June of '08 & cousins visiting.

Oh, and I just found out that Blizzard Entertainment has announced their release or that they're working on it? of Diablo 3! Yay! Diablo has been such a fun series I'm sure this one is going to be fun too... But uhoh, another game to add to the list of electronic stuff I already want! lol.

Here are a couple of pictures taken the last few weeks:

Friday, June 27, 2008

Home again, Home again!

Well, after having a baby and then a twin visiting from out of state we are finally home and starting to settle back into normal life. LOL. Ok, we're recreating normal life since normal now needs to be redefined. But it is nice to be home again with just our cute little family of 4 :) We're going to now get to settle back in.

It's just nice to not have someone here constantly (though thanks for the help mom it was greatly appreciated!) or to be traveling and visiting (though I loved seeing you Gamela). So, back to a quiet little life with not much going on. lol. Home again, home again.... Although after going to the park just about every day for lunch for the past few weeks, that might be something I have to continue... except now I'll have to make lunch and take it! But I certainly know that Charity would love it.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Just remembering

So, this post might surprise some of you but I was thinking a lot about it today on my drive (headed to Preston again) and felt like sharing so here ya go...

Everytime I drive past Wellsville (come into or leaving the valley) I think about my friend Dave. Dave was a guy I met a few months before I met Dennis. The night we met, my friend Amber and I were sitting by him at work. She thought him and I would make a perfect couple (always trying to hook someone up... lol) and was trying to hook us up so she invited him to Walmart with us after work. She's funny... Anyway, somehow we started a running joke that we were going to get married. We even made wedding plans, just never set a date. lol. It was fun. He was going to school to become a pilot so for our honeymoon he was going to fly us down to South America to visit a beautiful place he had seen on his mission (he went to Brazil). I wish that I remember where because I would still love to visit it one day. We joked about this a lot and had friends at work who were even in on it. I always thought it was just a joke we had but only found out later that he actually did end up wanting to marry me... Anyway, I digress.

Him and I became really good friends pretty quickly and I was interested in him but never thought he was all that seriously interested in me. Though, he told me once he understood me because of my paradigm. To this day, I've still never fully figured out what he meant by that. Unfortunately, after I started dating Dennis we drifted apart (I was afterall spending most of my time with Dennis) and then in March, Dave was killed in a car accident. It was only after his death that I had found out that he really did want to marry me, he had told Amber and she then told me. I would say that it's just because you mainly remember the good after someone is gone but I know I thought this when he was alive as well, but Dave was one of the best guys, no people, that I have ever known or will know.

He was such an optimistic person. He always had a smile on his face. He had a great sense of humor, and was always laughing or making someone else laugh. He was kind, and courteous and always tried to speak highly of others. He was strong in his faith and had some of the highest values I've ever seen in anyone. He truly lived following Christ's example. I remember thinking after I heard of his death that he had to leave this earth because he was just too good to stay here.

I think his death is also what pushed me to marry Dennis so quickly. It was the end of March we started talking of getting engaged. No, it's not really because he died, but because I realized how fragile and temporary this life is and I knew Dennis and I were meant to be together. I know it was other things that influenced him in deciding it was time but I just needed to shart this bit of insight.

Today as I was passing Wellsville again. I was also thinking about Dave and him finding an eternal companion on the other side. Some love song was on that got me thinking about it... And I thought that if I had ended this life not married, I would so be willing to be sealed to him. I actually thought too that if women were allowed to be sealed to more than one man, I'd be willing to be in the hereafter as well, lol. Yeah, I thought that highly of him.

Anyway, I had more but I lost my train of thought since I had to go eat dinner. So when I remember the rest I'll post it

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wish me luck

I'm applying for a job. :) It's a writing job online where I'd write 4 or so articles a week. It would be something that I can do, stay home, and not really take time away from my kids (since I can write at night, during nap times, and occassionally when they're entertaining themselves :) I'm excited about it! I'll let you know more details later but in the meantime, wish me luck! Now, I've gotta go write an article to submit with my application!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I did it...

I got a Wii!!!! Dennis is gonna be so excited on Father's Day. (luckily he doesn't read this blog very often, lol). Not even sure why he signed up to be an author with me... Anyway, yup, I got the wii. He actually already knows that I was going to get one, I couldn't make a big purchase like that without us talking it over. BUT he doesn't know that I got him the fishing game and a blue remote cover for him :) Yay! I hope he'll like them!

I can't believe it though that we only decided 2 days ago that we were going to get one and that we already found one. I figured it would probably have to end up being an anniversary present instead of a Father's Day present since there was no way I was buying an overpriced one from someone who managed to find one at a store!

So, yeah, today on my way out of town (headed up to Preston) I had to stop and buy batteries so I figured that while I was at the store I'd check the electronics section just to see if maybe they had one. They had just gotten them in and was stocking the Wii section! I'm so excited (can you tell I wanted the Wii myself).... sometimes I worry I pick out big expensive gifts for him just cuz they are things that I'd like to have to. But I still think this will be great to have around the house, we can all play fun games and get some exercise while we're at it!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Getting a Wii?

So, we are considering getting a Wii... Ok, I'm considering getting a Wii for Dennis for Father's Day. Shh, don't tell. Ok, so I already did. I can't make a big purchase like that all by myself!

Laura and Kevin brought their Wii with them and they hooked it up while they were here and it was a lot of fun having one in the house. Our neighbors got one near the beginning of the year and we played with them a few times but I was pregnant and not really into it, and too tired to play much! so I discovered that I really liked it. Now, all we have to do is find one - and at a good price!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

What a Day/Weekend!

What a crazy weekend it has been! So, my twin and her family arrived Thursday morning. Think crazy right there! We added 2 adults, 2 toddlers and another baby into the house! Laura's oldest is 3, her second is 2 (just turned) and her youngest is 6 months old. Then my parents arrived Thursday evening and brought two of my other nephews with them (12 and 9). So, all weekend we've had 6 adults, 2 older kids, 3 toddlers and 2 babies at the house! Then my older sister Renell (mom to the two boys) came Saturday night. It was a houseful! It was fun, but completely crazy!

My twin and her husband had decided that as their present to Danielle they were going to help us around the house some so Kevin mowed the lawn, kept track of toys, did some vacumming, and did some cooking! Then Laura did some general cleaning around the house. What a nice gift :) We really appreciated it.

Although the bishopric almost forgot the reason everyone came to my house this weekend. lol. During Sacrament meeting they did the ward/stake business and then started the sacrament hymn... Uh, don't they normally do any baby blessings before the sacrament? lol. During
the song, Dennis went up to the stand really quick to double check. They really had forgotten! But it was ok, the blessing got done after the sacrament. I know Dennis was really nervous about blessing her, especially in front of so many people but he did great. And he even said her name right! So it all turned out well. Then we had a little get together after church with family and a few friends and it was really nice to be able to just sit, eat and visit :)

Danielle looked absolutely beautiful in her blessing dress. I'll post pics once I get them on the computer. Pretty pretty girl!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Danielle's Blessing

We'll be blessing Danielle this Sunday (8th) in our home ward at 9:00 am! Everyone we know is invited to attend :) If you need any directions or anything, let me know :)

Yay! I'm so excited!

Monday, June 2, 2008

First Day Home Alone

So my first day home alone has ended finally - Dennis is home! Ofcoures, he's only 2 hours late! What a day for him to end up having to work late. Seriously, couldn't that have happened last week? Oh well, it's going to be a long couple of weeks no matter how you look at it with his class starting this week.

So, the day didn't go too bad. Charity was a bit clingy but that's understandable when mommy becomes her only source of attention and mommy's attention is divided up with a new little person. Unfortunately Danielle did get beat on a few times :( I'm gonna have to watch more closely cuz I'd have Danielle laying next to me or something on the couch and Charity would be trying to sit next to us and not pay attention towhere she was putting her feet. Luckily, no injuries, just a few tears. Charity really does love her sister though. She started crying while we were having lunch (she'd been sleeping in the other room) and Charity immediately wanted me to go get her so the baby would "be better". So cute. Poor girl didn't know what to do or think the few times she was the cause of the baby crying. It broke her little heart, didn't teach her to pay attention to where she swung her feet later, but it still broke her little heart.

I've felt like I've had a headache coming on the last few days and it did hit this afternoon but I took some tylenol so we'll see if it goes away or decides to come back once the tylenol wears off. It better go away or tomorrow is gonna be really hard, especially with Dennis having to work late again. :(

Oh yeah, and did I mention Charity is napping right now (it's 7:15)... it's going to be a long night...