Friday, October 31, 2008


So, I don't have the pics yet on my computer but I just wanted to write a little bit about Halloween tonight. It was a lot of fun. Charity was a horse, Danielle was a dalmation puppy and I was the Twilight Princess :)

We left the house around 5:30. Charity walking, me pushing Danielle in the stroller cuz I didn't want to carry her for that long. Our Neighbors Tiffany and Alex went with us. Alex was Alexander the Great and Tiffany went as Alexander the Great's mom, Queen Olympius. Their costumes were great!

Well, Charity absolutely LOVED trick-or-treating. So much, that we didn't make it back in the house in 7:30! That's right, we were trick-or-treating for 2 hours and even then she didn't actually want to come in yet. lol. At every house it was "Let's go to the next one, Mommy."

I think she just wanted the candy :) That girl has a sweet tooth. It was nice though some of the houses gave out little toys and such instead of candy. She'll really enjoy those. Shh got some playdoh, some goo, a pencil. I don't remember what else but she picked all of those over the candy so that's at least nice. lol. If she has her way, it'll all be gone tomorrow, if we have it our way, she'll have candy until at least christmas!

I'll try to get the pictures posted sometime this weekend but it probably won't happen until the beginning of next week since we're headed out of town tomorrow. My SIL is having her baby shower tomorrow! I'm excited to go. But it's getting late and we've got to get the girls to sleep, get everything packed and then we want to play a game of Age of Empires before we go to bed! Busy, busy night :) But lots of fun!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LeeLou Launch Party

So, here's something cool :)


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tagged Again!

My friend Jayme tagged me for this one!

What's your husbands name? Dennis

How long have you guys been married? 6 years

How long did you date? 8 months

How old is he? 28

Who eats more sweets? me

Who said I Love You first? him

Who is taller? him

Who is the better singer? tie

Who is smarter? him

Who does the laundry? me

Who pays the bills? me

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? him

Who mows the lawn? him

Who cooks dinner? mostly me

Who drives? him

Who is the first to say they are wrong? Neither, lol

Who kissed who first? he kissed me, ok tried to kiss me :)

Who asked who out first? uh, tie? lol.

Who wears the pants? I'd say we both do.

I tag Miranda, Kim and Laura

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Getting Ready for Halloween!!!

So, I waited in posting this because since my parents were coming to visit I wanted it to be a surprise for them. I just talked to my dad on the phone and he started talking about my hair! I wanted to know how he knew! And he told me not to send him an e-mail about it if I didn't want him to know. lol. I have it set up to e-mail them when I update my blog. Anyway, I completely didn't realize that I mentioned in my 8 Tag post. Oops, ruined the surprise. lol. Oh well. So here it is!

Well, I'm going to be Princess Midna from Zelda: Twilight Princess for Halloween. I've been working on my costume now most of the week. Here's what I did on Monday:

Look at that Red Hair!

Red Hair!

So, what do you think?

I've got to finish the headpiece now for the costume and do a lot of painting once my parents get here (my mom is sewing it for me). I'm really excited about this! Saturday is Boo at the Zoo that we're taking Charity too, and then that night is our Ward Halloween party (trunk-or-treating) and I'm dressing up for that!!! I LOVE Halloween! :)

8 Tag

8 Tag I was tagged by Konner's Mommy and here are my answers...

8 TV Shows:
Biggest Loser, Fringe, Privileged, Gilmore Girls, Stargate, Bones, King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond

8 Restaurants
Rodizio Grill, Bajio, Cafe Sabor, Pizza Hut, Sonic, Taco Bell, KFC, Applebee's

8 Things I Did Yesterday
(yesterday was a lazy day cuz I had sick kids so...) worked on my halloween costume, read a book, watched tv, played on the computer, cooked lunch/dinner, played with Charity, played with Danielle, and straightened up the living room

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
Boo at the Zoo, Ward Trunk-or-treat party, my parents visiting, My SIL's baby shower, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, visiting my twin in March

8 Things on my Wish List:
my halloween costume was done already (it still requires a lot of work!), my hair was more orange than red, Charity was feeling better, got to spend more time with Dennis, a bookcase, a nice bed frame, a bedset, complete set of Jane Austen Movies

I tag anyone who hasn't yet done this.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Political Musings

OK, so I have decided that I am completely fed up with this whole 2 party system that we have going on. Has anyone heard the phrase about what happens to a house divided? This two party system has divided our country. It's made it all us v. them. It's not good for the US. While I am still undecided as to who I am going to vote for, I'm researching the issues extensively right now. I thought I would throw out this list for you so you could see who else is running for candidate. If we as the American people chose to quit dividing our country every 2-4 years through this ridiculous system we currently have going on, it would be better for everyone. So, I've found this list of presidential candidates.

I'm going to be researching each one and voting for the one I truly believe could make a difference, and ignore this whole dumb republican/democrat stuff. So what am I? I'm an American voter.

For those interested in the list who don't want to click the link here are the candidates and their websites:

Ralph Nader
Cynthia McKinney
Chuck Baldwin
Bob Barr
John McCain
Barrack Obama

Look at our nice range of candidates. So for those of you fed up as much as I am with this. Check out the others and see if there is someone who you can get behind as a presidential candidate.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So I really want to get Danielle some baby legs. But they cost like $12! Ouch. So I just found this tutorial online and I think I might try making her some. They would be so cute during the winter for her to wear to church under her dress and then when she starts crawling they'll help protect her legs from the tile and hardwood floors that we have!!! I think it's a great idea! Dennis doesn't agree with me, he thinks tights are good enough but even he has to admit that those little knees need something comfy for crawling.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun Day, Or Not

Well, this has been a long day. It all started early last night when as we were going to bed we could hear Charity coughing, coughing, coughing. I decided to go nurse her for a few minutes to see if it would help soothe her throat so she could sleep peacefully. While I know she was really glad to have some comfort from mommy, she was sick. She ended up not going back to sleep until 12:30. I also ended up letting her sleep in the living room and watch My Little Ponies all night. But then she was up again at 2:30 and didn't go back to sleep until after 4 :( And she threw up several times as well. My poor girl :( I am happy to report that while still coughing a lot today she hasn't thrown up at all since she got up for the morning. Although she did crash for a couple of hours in the afternoon which was good because she needed the sleep. I hope tonight is going to be a lot better.

Onto the fun part, our new bed was delivered this morning! So it was fun getting it set up. But Yay!!! We have a king sized bed now! I'm so excited, lol, it'll make sleeping with little ones invading in the middle of the night much easier.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The First Snowfall of the Season

Well, it's happened, we've had our first snowfall! Charity insisted on going out to play in it this morning! Daddy got her ready and took her outside. She loved it. One time he threw some snow at her and she looked at him and said, "Daddy, do it again!" A little while later I held Danielle by the window so she could look out at it and she just got a big grin on her face watching it (big surprise there that she was smiled about it, huh? But yup, it is snowing. I was warned it was coming but I'm still not quite prepared for it! I mean it's only October! I was hoping for a warm halloween but I guess it's going to be another year where we've all got to be bundled up while trick-or-treating :)

While I don't really care for winter time and the snow (I'm scared to death to drive in the snow). The first snow fall does get me really excited because it means the holiday season is on it's way and that's one of my favorite times of year!

,m,llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll,,jn t dfc h,n nmmmmm n//cg78yh nnh h bb 4e b7 be3 b g vb 7y77 ghn h b66666666666666 b

Danielle says hi and she is just thrilled that mommy is letting her play with the keyboard! lol.

Onto other news, have I mentioned I'm dyeing my hair bright red for Halloween? Yup, I am and Dennis is freaking out! He's not too sure he likes the idea much. It's a temporary dye but it can last from 5-40 washes so I might have red hair for a while! A little scary I must admit since I've NEVER dyed my hair before, in any way. But my friend Tiffany has offered to help (she dyes her own hair occasionally so hopefully we don't mess it up too much! But, aahhhhhhh, my pretty blonde hair... oh well, it'll be interesting at least.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Photo Tag

My fourth photo in the fourth folder of my fourth folder (since the one above it didn't have a fourth photo :)


I tag: Dirkmaats, Miranda, Laura, and Jayme

Oh no!

Ahhh, things just keep getting worse around here :( Poor Charity, now her cat is missing. Tuesday when Grandpa and Mindy left I was holding Danielle and I had to fight Charity to go back in the house (cuz he hates going back inside). Well, I left her kitten outside cuz I couldn't chase him to get him back in the house while dealing with the girls and when I remembered later to go out and get him. He was nowhere to be found. It's now been two days and we can't find him :( He was such a pretty well behaved kitty too :( I think I've decided we just can't have pets right now. It is just not working out for us. So, maybe in a few years we'll get them another cat or something.

Yesterday we went to the zoo again which was a lot of fun. Charity doesn't seem to be able to get enough of the zoo. We went to a playgroup first yesterday morning and I said something to someone how we were going to the zoo later and the next thing you know Charity is over by the car ready to go because she needs to go to the zoo now. Then she wouldn't even eat lunch really because she kept insisting she needed to eat it at the zoo! It was a fun day, but what do I hear from her this morning? "I need to go to the zoo mommy!" Yes, Charity, but not today! lol.

On the bright side I went to the yoga/pilates group this morning and it was sooo nice. I just wish I could convince Charity to go play with the other kids instead of trying to sit near me the whole time. But she is just so shy. Who knows, maybe after we've been going enough she'll get comfortable and go play instead.

Well, I've been neglecting the house this week and I think I just heard Danielle waking up from her nap!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Redefining Normal, Once Again

So, Sunday night when we got home we were pleasantly surprised to find out that Mindy had come for a visit :) It's always nice to see one of my favorite SILs. But then we had horrible news! Grandpa had decided to move back to Delta.

It's been a strain on him being here because he's not used to not working and hasn't been able to find a job yet. We knew he'd been thinking about it but he'd finally decided he was going. Well, him and Mindy just left to head down there :( It's terrible to say that I really wanted him to stay and for purely selfish reasons? He was such a great help while he was here. He picked up after Charity for me, vacuumed, did the dishes, mowed the lawn for Dennis, helped to entertain the kids, would watch Charity on a moment's notice if needed, watched Danielle for me so I could take Charity swimming a couple of times. It was really nice having him around but he feels it's best to move back now, so we had to let him go :(

Well, that leaves us at once again having a major change around and having to figure out what normal is going to be again. What an adventure Danielle has had so far in her short life! lol. I guess we'll just have to see where life takes us after this.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Religious Ramblings

I figured I'd take some notes on my blog while watching conference this morning :) I'll admit I wasn't very good at listenting yesterday since we were getting ready to leave, travellig, and then visiting so I can't wait for them to be posted so I can read them all. So, here are my religious ramblings, the things that stuck out to me and things I thought about while watching Conference this morning.

First, I don't remember who was talking but he spoke of being on the high ground. And he said something along the lines of those on the high ground are the first to see the light of day and the to see the last rays of night. It dawned on me that means that while we are on the high ground, we'll still have periods of darkness to go through. Everyone has trials in their lives and that's the dark but that by being on the high ground we should see the light of day first and until the last and keep up hope even during the dark times that light will be coming again.

I also thought of several years ago when my friend Sam and I went star gazing at the university. It was a full moon that night and there were several ways set up to see the moon. One of which was just looking at it, how awe inspiring a full moon can be with the naked eye. But then, they had some binoculars for us to use and WOW the detail you can see on the moon just by looking at it with binoculars. Then there was a telescope, you could look at the moon so clearly with the telescope. It caused us to think that that is a lot like our view of heaven and spiritual things here on earth. Everyone is just looking at it with the naked eye, but by having the spirit with you, you get to look at it with binoculars, but then you have those moments where you glimpse so much with a telescope view. But then we took it even further than that, to think that there have been those who have walked on the moon. We knew that's where the prophets have been, they've walked on the moon, they've been able to see those details with the naked eye. I'm sure there are those besides just the prophets (like the quorum of the twelve). But what an amazing analogy we came up with that night. It's something that has stuck with me all of these years and I just figured I'd share it with you now :)

Intersting the Young Woman's president spoke of the same story as the man above about the guy (sorry can't remember the exact name) who was poisoned by degrees as he left the high ground. She's stressing the importance of the fact it was done by degrees. How true it is, the further away we travel from the truth, the harder it is for us to recognize the truth and from right and wrong. "One virtous young woman or young man led by the spirit can change the world." I hope I got that quote right :)

Yesterday, they spoke about being prepared for the situations you are in. I don't remember the exact wording or who was speaking but he spoke of dressing appropriately and that you wear different shoes to go hiking and different shoes to go to the beach, that you are dressed and prepared for the situation. Oh, it was in regards to dressing and being prepared when you go to sacrament. Anyway, anyone seen the shoes I wear hiking? Yup, they're my heels, ofcourse I wear those to the beach and to sacrament as well so I guess I'm always ready with my footwear :)

There is no tomorrow to remember if you don't do anything today,. finger prints on every surface, toys scattered around the house, piles and piles of laundry to do, they will all disappear too soon. Don't let them get in teh way of what is the most important, and that is the people around us, don't assume they know, tell them. Don't let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


So I read this news article yesterday on the wii news system (I'm gonna have to see if I can find it online) about how the world is blaming the US for the a possible world financial crisis. One quote was along of the lines of the US needs to take responsibility for this and things like that. Now for a little disclaimer, I am in no way saying the US is or isn't at fault and this is not about any of my particular views in regards to the matter. It's simply that I made an interesting observation while reading this article. That was that you always hear that the US is too ego-centric, seriously you hear it in regards to so many different aspects of things. But then you read an article like this and the question that begs to be asked is "How can the US NOT be so ego-centric?" As I said I'm not saying we should or shouldn't. It's just that because the US is having financial difficulties the entire world is starting to have problems and blaming the US for all of the problems. They are not holding themselves accountable for their own actions that got them to where they are at (for the most part). Except Europe did say they were a little to blame for following the US's example so much. Still, trying to put the blame there... But, seriously, how can the US NOT be so egocentric?

I don't think I've been very clear at getting my thoughts out and I wish I had that article to refer back to to refresh my memory. I may have to do a better search after reading it again on the wii :) But it just seems to me that all of these other countries blame our actions on the outcome of the entire world's financial system. I just found it funny and ironic, that's all.