Friday, April 23, 2010

Shopping Fun!

So, there is this Award's Banquet Ceremony Dinner thing that Dennis' work does once a year called Spirit of Excellence. It's a semi-formal event held in the Grand America Ballroom in Salt Lake City! And Dennis got invited to it again this year! Yay!

So, I needed to go dress shopping! I don't remember if I wrote about this last year or not but he got invited last year and I didn't bother trying on my dress until that night because I was planning on wearing the dress I'd worn for my Twin's Wedding... Well, um, 2 babies later, that dress did NOT fit! And I had nothing semi-formalish to wear! So, I ended up wearing a pretty dress that I had for Church and feeling very dressed down the whole evening :( I was not going to let that happen this year!

Well, I'm up in Cache Valley this week visiting my Parents because Dennis work and school work week was going to be crazy and we'd have been lucky to see him at all this week so I decided while I was up here and near some good stores I needed to do some shopping! So, yesterday I took Mom and the Girls and we headed to Logan for some fun girl time :) First we stopped and had lunch at Cafe Rio with Dad, he'd driven down as well cuz he needed to do some shopping, but he didn't want to ride with us! lol. Then us girls headed to the Mall. I'd first wanted to stop by Motherhood Maternity because I was going to need a new maternity swimsuit and since we were right there I wanted to go there first. Well, while we were there I saw they had these great yoga pants I'd heard about that have a turn-down waist and I'm planning on heading back to the gym so I figured maybe I should get me some workout clothes as well (since I'd never gotten anything like tha with my other pregnancies) So, I was trying on a few things of clothes and Mom was sitting outside the dressing room helping we watch the girls. Who, were actually mostly in the dressing room trying to "help" Mommy. They really loved the belly pillow thing Maternity has for you to use to try on clothes. lol.

So, when I was just about done trying on the things I'd found, Mom started telling the sales lady who was helping us that I needed a semi-formal dress and did they have anything? I'd already looked around the store and hadn't seen anything that looked like it would work so I didn't think they did. Well, ladies, apparently sometimes you have to ask! They had a bunch of nicer dresses they keep in the back I guess and she went and rounded some up for me to try on! And I found one! And the great thing is that even though it's Maternity it looks nice now, and I could even wear it when I'm not pregnant so if he gets invited again next year, I'm set! Yay! I love the dress! It was so nice cuz I figured we were going to have to be shopping all day to try to find something that would work (especially since I had to take into account 2 weeks of tummy growth!) and it was an excellent price too! I must say, I remember Motherhood Maternity being really expensive and while they did have some pretty expensive stuff in there, the things that I bought (such as the yoga pants, only $20!) and the swimsuite (only $35! I think I paid $70 last time!) and the dress were really REALLY good prices! So I'm just thrilled. I ended up spending $230 (I know, more than I should have spent but stuff I'll use!) and I walked out of there with 2 great big shopping bags and lots of stuff! I got 2 yoga pants, 2 t-shirts, the fancy dress, another dress that was just too cute on me to pass up, 2 bras, a belly band, some preggo pops to try, and a new swimsuit. Was that all? I think there might have been more than that but my preggo brain is blocking out my memory. lol. So, yay once my belly really pops I'll still be able to go to the gym and be comfy doing it! And I'm all set for the dinner!

I'm just so excited! And another great thing about the night of the dinner is that it marks the almost completion of Dennis' school! He has his last part of his project due in one class the following Monday and that's it!!!!! YAY!!! I'm so excited for him to be done with his Master's Degree and to have him home! We're going to have so much fun this summer! It'll be the first time Daddy hasn't had a class to work on since I got pregnant with Danielle!!!! I can't wait!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Playing Hooky

So, Dennis had to work everyday this last weekend. (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) We barely saw him :( So, on Monday morning when he slept in, I hoped he was planning on taking the day off. Even though I knew it was possible he was going to have to leave on a business trip that day... They didn't decided until the very last minute that the other guy was going so he didn't have to fly out that morning.

Well, I tried to convince him to play hooky and have us figure out something fun to do and go play that day cuz we all missed him so much. But, he had stuff at work that he needed to do so he got ready and went. Well, after he'd been at work for an hour or so (and got done the critical stuff he needed to do) He called me and told me to get the girls ready and to come pick him up, we'd go to the zoo! Yay, he was gonna play hooky with us!

So, I got ready to go and got the girls ready and we picked him up on our way and we went to the zoo! I've got to say the Zoo is very tiring, but he says I can't complain since it was my idea! lol, not sure if we'll be going back this pregnancy or not! But it was a lot of fun even if I was very sore and tired afterwards! (Ok, done complaining :)

Danielle hadn't really been to the zoo since around her birthday last year (yes, we went to the zoo in AZ but didn't really get to see much of the animals) and it was SO much fun watching her reaction to the animals and Charity absolutely loved it. Poor girl though, I let her wear her princess shoes to the zoo and the broke almost right after we got there and I hadn't brought any others so she had to ride in the stroller the entire time, even though she wanted to walk around! It was a really fun day though and I know that I enjoyed getting to spend time with Dennis and I know that the girls did too. I'm so looking forward to getting to do more things together here in a few weeks!

Oh yeah, and then after the Zoo we went by Toys 'R Us to get some ideas for birthday presents because we have birthdays coming up in less than a month! Charity is easy, she's told us what she wants! Danielle is easy to please but that makes it hard to pick! lol. And if you wanna hear something really cute, ask Charity what she wants, it's so funny to hear her list it off.

(She wants Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure Chest (yes, she says the whole name but I don't know why she added Chest to the end!), Princess and the Frog, Toy Story, and a new bike) We let her try out a bike at the store and she did so great with it, and we are really looking forward to her excitement about it on her birthday!

And if anyone is wondering, I think we're going to have a combined family party for the girls the weekend between their birthdays... Cake and icecream! Might have to do popsicles instead though since Danielle doesn't care for ice cream it seems! Atleast, not until there's 2 bites left and she can steal the last of it from Grandpa :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Helping a Friend

So, I haven't really done a lot of computer stuff since I got married cuz I'm lazy and let Dennis do it :) So, when a friend asked me last night if I could come over today and help her get candy out of her DVD Drive (her 20 month old had stuffed them in there!), I was a bit nervous but excited at the same time to get a chance to help.

We spent over an hour trying to get the case off her computer! Anyone ever see the Dell cases? They're great, no screws anywhere, you just gotta know the right area to pull, or lever to slide, or button to push! lol. I finally got on my phone and looked up the user's manual (I just love my phone!) and once we knew the secret, Ta Da! The case was open! lol. Then came the fun part :) We took out the DVD Drive and had to practically take it apart in order to get the candy out.

It was a lot of fun getting to play with computer parts again. I may have to do stuff next time instead of Dennis! :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Really bad at Blogging Lately

I've been really bad at blogging over the past month or so, so over the next few days I'm going to try to post date some blog posts that should have been written during the month of March!

It's been a crazy couple of months and I want to be able to look back and remember these times so I'll go get right on that... If there isn't anything new soon, remind me just in case I forget! :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dennis and the ER

Yesterday on his way home from work Dennis was in a car accident :( He had texted me a couple of times but I missed them so then he called wanting to know if the hospital he was headed to was in-network :(

So, here's what I've heard happened:

It was snowing all day yesterday and some of the road there wasn't any of it sticking but there were patches that were pretty slushy. There was an accident the van was slowing down for ahead of them and I guess the guy behind them didn't notice or couldn't slow down in time, but the van was still doing probably between 40-50 when the guy hit them from behind. Dennis said the truck was a big dodge truck (I don't know what kind) but it's bumper was taller than there's. And it was pulling something, a 5-wheel trailor or a camper or something. But it gave them a really good push so they started to slow down and pull over when he hit them again! Dennis thinks that since he was pulling something even though his momentum was transferred to them, the trailer's momentum then transferred to the truck which caused him to hit them the second time :( Dennis said the floor of the back row was all pushed up and the back end was completely wrecked so the van wasn't drivable anymore. The two front seats were practically demolished so then Dennis had a hard time trying to crawl over them to get out, and that was only after he had to search for his glasses!

Luckily, there were only 3 of them travelling in the van yesterday so no one was near the back when they were hit, they were all pretty close to the front. One guy, his wife had been in an accident a few weeks before so he was pretty shook up about it and he accepted a ride to the hospital in the ambulance. His wife, who works at L-3 but normally works from home, had gone into work that day so she was driving her car ahead of them, and gave Dennis and the other lady in the van a ride to the hospital where they took the first guy.

The hospital was an out-of-network hospital and I'd called my Dad to ask him if I should open a claim through our insurance company to make them away (which he said yes, so they'd know what was going on and be able to handle stuff for us) but that not to worry that it was out of network because, first the guy who hit them's insurance would cover stuff, and then if that wasn't enough, UTA's insurance would cover stuff since the van is a UTA Rideshare Van, and then if needed our insurance would be able to help cover stuff. That eased some of my worrying since we already know we're gonna have a huge medical bill before the end of the year!

So, now here's my long rant about the hospital they took him to! This is what Dennis told me late last night after he got home! They got to the hospital around 5:30. The guy who rode in the ambulance had already been taken back to see people. It wasn't long before they took the lady back. And then Dennis waited and waited. The wife to the one guy a little over an hour later was working on rides for everyone and was trying to figure out where everyone was and she couldn't find Dennis so she started asking people where he was and they told her they didn't have a Dennis Y! So, she went and found him in the waiting room. When he's under a lot of stress, he can't get light headed and want to pass out so she went back and told someone he'd been waiting a long time and was light headed and getting close to passing out so they got him back pretty quickly after that. But he never got an ID bracelet! So I don't know if they someone didn't get him in the computer or if he just slipped through the ER cracks or what but GRRRRRR. Oh, while he was waiting he'd told me that he was starting to get pretty stiff.

Well, then they put a neck brace on him and he ended up getting 10 or 12 x-rays. He hadn't got taken back at the ER until close to 7:30 I think he said, and then he wasn't released until like 9:30. The others had all been prescribed pain meds, they told him to take Ibuprofen. Then they gave him a list of symptoms to watch out for and to come back (to the ER) if any of them showed up. Um, after that experience, no thanks we'll go to a doctor or our own ER.

I told him last night he couldn't go to work today because he needed time to recoup. Although, I think he can recoup easier at work since he wouldn't have 2 girls crawling all over him, lol. So, he slept in since he'd got home so late but felt like he needed to go to work today. He didn't want to take any of his Paid Time Off, I told him he was in a car accident, take sick leave! lol. But he said he really felt like he needed to go in so he's gone into work for atleast a while today. Although the poor guy looks like he's in a lot of pain. He said he's not, he's just stiff. And I asked him if that was only as long as he didn't move!?! Seriously his back and neck are so stiff that even sitting on the bed he had his back perfectly straight and his head perfectly straight and didn't want to bend or move either at all and looked like he was in pain and terribly uncomfortable! We don't have any ibuprofen, only tylenol, I hope he atleast took some of that before he left and some for later! But I don't know if he did :( My poor hubby.