Friday, March 27, 2009

Spider Bite

So last night I fell asleep on the bean bag with Danielle while I was watching a movie and around 1 or 1:30 my finger and a spot on my arm really started to hurt. My first thought was spider bite (I'm a worry wart about spiders). Anyway, so I move all the blankets around and don't find one so I go check my finger and arm out in the bathroom and the spots are red and swollen (and they are just painful!) so I go back and decide to check the blankets one more time. This time when I star shaking the baby blanket that was on Danielle a spider fell off of it! :( I killed the sucker and put him in a glass so I could look at him later and the spent an hour and a half online trying to figure out if I was going to die or not :P I really hate spiders. So, anyway, not suppose to be a recluse cuz they're not suppose to be in this area (didn't really look like one either), definitely not a black widow, doesn't look like a wolf spider, and doesn't really look like a hobo either. So, I'm not sure what type of spider it is. I'm going to try and find a place here in town to go have it identified. But I found several sites that said to wash the bite spot and then to put an antibacterial cream on it and to take tylenol or advil if needed and then to keep an eye on it and if it gets worse to go see a doctor. So, I washed it, put some antibacterial cream on it and went to bed. This morning there is just a small red spot left on my finger and I can't see anything on my arm so I think I'm good. But OW! And I'm so thankful that it didn't bite Danielle. (and I checked her and rechecked her a couple of times to make sure!)

Oh and we are back from our trip and had a wonderful time for the most part! I'm in the process of typing up a huge long thing all about it so that will be soon to come! (I hope!) And hopefully I'll have some pictures to put up with it!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I LOVE modern technology

So I knew the hard part about this trip would be spending two whole weeks away from Dennis. Him and I just have a hard time being away from each other for long. So in preperation for this trip we ordered a webcam so one of us could use the laptop and the other have the webcam (hadn't decided yet if I was taking the laptop or not) so we'd be able to do video calls while we were gone. So last night we got to talk to each other over video and it was SOOOO wonderful. I can't begin to even say how nice it was to be able to see him and interact with him even though we are so far apart. So yay to modern technology! And ofcourse we're going to talk again tonight when he is off work!

In addition to that I just thought I'd mention the other modern things that I am so thankful for on this trip. The first thing that my mom pointed out is 100s of horse power (how much does my car have?), lol, if it were 100 years ago it would have taken us weeks or months to make the trip instead of hours. I don't want to try to begin to imagine how long the trip would have been back then, ofcourse I doubt we'd be making a trip like this if that were the case! Next cell phones! It's nice to know that if for some reason we break down on the side of the road we are only a phone call away from help! But they also give us even more ways to communicate with the ones we love. Dennis and I have texted each other back and forth like crazy since we left and it's been really nice to stay in touch that way as well. GPS! I got Dennis a GPS system for Christmas and I borrowed it for this trip and him and I always worry about getting lost when we're somewhere that we don't know and it's so very useful to not worry because I know the handy GPS unit is in the car and will be able to help me get where I need to go and to find things! On Sunday we went to the zoo before we left so that Mom and Dad could get their zoo pass set up that us kids gave them for Christmas and we were in the middle of Salt Lake and Charity says she needs to go potty! So it's ok, where's the closest gas station? And then how do we get back on the freeway? We were covered. Then today we drove Aunt Kathleen to where she works to visit some family and then grabbed some lunch and headed to a park. While we were at the park Dad asked me if I knew where we were. Uh, no, was I suppose to? and he said in relation to Aunt Kathleen's house and I told him no, I didn't but if I needed to find her house my GPS was in the car and we were good :) There are so many other things technology wise that has been useful but these are by far the best! I'm so grateful for the ability we have to keep in touch these days!

Oh yeah and welcome to my blog Aunt Kathleen! Sorry I hadn't thought to invite you before!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hello from Sunny California

Well, not really since it's dark outside but we made it! The drive down today went really well. The time change happened this weekend so when we decided to get up this morning and leave at the same time as Dennis we didn't realize it would feel more like 4 instead of 5! It's been a long LONG day! I didn't get to bed until midnight because of getting stuff ready for the trip and then was up at 4:30 and I didn't get a nap today so I'm tired! And yes, I'm still up now at almost midnight so as soon as I convince my girls (who slept too much in the car today!) that it IS bedtime then I will be turning in myself as well.

But anyway, as I was saying, the girls did really well on the ride down, I couldn't really ask for them to be any better well behaved than they were! Poor Charity though, we didn't each much in between lunch at 2 and dinner at 7:30! The only reason we got dinner then instead of sitting around and talking more was because Charity started asking for food. She didn't even know what food she wanted, she just wanted food, poor girl. She certainly dug in at dinner time though. I'll have to be careful and watch that better on our return trip. So here we are for the week and figuring out when we're going to hang out with everyone and what we're going to do but yay!

Love you honey, Miss you already! Can't wait to see you on a video call.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Preparing for our trip

So it's almost time for our big trip. It's approaching with a lot of anticipation and a bit of trepidation! lol. It's going to be so much fun to go see everyone but it's going to be hard being away from Dennis for two whole weeks, and not just for me but for the girls too. And I really don't think he's looking forward to it. But grandpa may come visit to help keep him company for a while while we're gone and that will be good for him.

It's going to be so much fun though! Next Monday my parents and the girls and I are leaving for CA to visit my Great Aunt Kathleen, then at the end of next week we're heading to AZ to go to my twin's house for a week! This trip has been in the plan for so long it's hard to believe it is already here! Now comes the fun stuff of packing and making sure we're ready to go. It's like a 12-14 hour drive each way (except only 5 from CA to AZ) so it's going to be fun! lol. Im planning on making a surprise toy bag and grabbing a few fun cheap toys for the girl's so they can have something fun to play with and then I'm borrowing my sister's portable DVD player so Charity can have some entertainment watching movies on the trip as well (don't worry, I won't let her watch the whole way, that would be way too much!) But trying to figure out exactly what we need and getting everything all ready is the fun plan for this week. In addition of course to trying to keep the house relatively clean!

And then I just found out that daylight savings is this weekend so that is going to complicate our time differences on the trip! Oh it's going to be fun getting the girl's back on a good routine when we get home!!! Scary! But I'm so excited and now I'm talking to Charity about it and I think she's pretty excited to except that everytime we go anywhere right now she thinks we're going to Grandpa Y's house. lol, poor girl.

But yay! So if you've got any advice on how to handle two kids in the car for 12-14 hours a time feel free to share! And any tips or tricks for a two-week trip away from home will be appreciated to!