Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Letter 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

This year has been a busy one full of change for us. This last spring, Sarah and the girls took a trip back east to West Virginia and it was a fun adventure for them. They were gone for a little over a week, got to visit family in Iowa, Missouri and West Virginia. The girls got to meet their Great Grandpa Windy for the very first time! As well as some aunts and uncles! They had a wonderful time and were so happy to get to meet with and spend some time with everyone.

Later, in the Spring brought lots of changes for our family. In April, Dennis got a job offer with Autonomous Solutions Inc., a company in Cache Valley, Utah, and accepted it. He started at his new job in May. We were sad to leave L-3 Communications behind, they had been good to us, but we felt it was the right decision for our family and what the Lord wanted us to do. During the summer, while we were in transition in the move we spent a lot of time in Preston at Sarah’s parents house. The girls had so much fun getting to spend that much time with their grandparents!

The middle of August we bought a house in Smithfield and we got to move in right before the girls started school! It’s an older home right on the golf course. We’ve been enjoying watching the deer in the area. Just this morning the girls and Sarah were watching a group of 7 of them on the golf course out the dining room window. We love our new house, but even better we are loving our ward and neighborhood and we have some wonderful neighbors as well.

Charity, who turned 7 in May, went into 2nd grade this year. She was lucky enough to be able to start in the Dual Immersion Portuguese program that was starting at our new school. So, she now spends ½ of her day with one teacher who speaks English and the other half with her teacher who speaks Portuguese. She is doing really well and excelling at school.

Danielle started Kindergarten this year and she’s gotten a wonderful teacher! She is in speech therapy and is continuing to make leaps and bounds with her progress. She started ballet this year as well so we now have two little ballerinas in the family. She might be one of the smallest 5 year olds in her Kindergarten class but she certainly makes up for it with her spunk! She has such a love for life.

Rebecca, well, she wishes she was going to school! We pass by our Church house each day after dropping her sisters of at school and will proudly point at it and starting telling me how there is her nursery! I don’t know what she’s going to do come January when she moves from nursery into Sunbeams, but we hope it is an easy transition for her!

A big move like this takes a lot of time to adjust but we think our little family is adapting well and we are settling in to our new neighborhood and ward. This holiday season seems to be passing us by far too quickly this year. We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. May the Lord bless you in the coming year!

With lots of love,

Dennis, Sarah, Charity, Danielle & Rebecca Young