Friday, July 30, 2010

Root Canal

So, I went in for my Root Canal and it wasn't that bad. The same nerve that I had issues with at the appointment last week didn't want to go numb so he ended up having to inject the nerve itself, which let me tell you, HURTS! But in the end it wasn't really that bad. It still has just a filling at this point and we're going to wait until after the baby is born to do the crown. Not looking forward to that though...

The nice thing was that my mom was able to come down to watch the girls so Dennis and I had time to stop by a store and go to lunch after we were done. Thanks so much Mom!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Love my Hubby

So this morning as I was lying in bed cuddling with Dennis, wishing he didn't have to go to work today. (I'd rather spend all day with him!) I thought about just how much I love my husband. He's so wonderful in so many different ways. I know that I'm so lucky and blessed to have him as part of my life.

Our 8-year Anniversary is coming up in a few weeks and I can't believe that it's been that long! Our time together has just flown by. I love him so much and I know that he loves me just as much. Though, not more like he claims :) It's been an ongoing battle of ours, who loves who more :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Second trip to the Dentist

So, today I went in to get my fillings taken care of. The procedure itself was pretty much painless this time. Our dentist is great at even giving you the numbing shots so you hardly feel those. He said because they are pretty deep fillings that the teeth could be sensitive to chewing, hot and cold for a few weeks up to a few months... Great, I'm pregnant, so here's betting it's closer to months but I hope not!

It wasn't until this evening that my teeth started to hurt a little bit! Hopefully that's not a sign of what's to come and that they heal relatively quickly. I mean, I'm going to have to deal with a root canal on the other side of my mouth in a few days! What if both sides are sensitive and it hurts to chew on either side for months!?! That would be bad! Well, everyone, wish me luck on the upcoming root canal! I've never had one before so I have no idea what to expect but Dennis and I are hoping to do our anniversary date the following day and hoping I'll be up to it!

Monday, July 26, 2010


I'll admit it, I'm completely miserable right now. The dentist told me to take tylenol to help combat the pain that my tooth may have until my root canal so I have been BUT that tooth has barely hurt at all. Somehow, I don't know if the infection was spread somehow or what, but I have a tooth on the OTHER side of my mouth that is killing me. I didn't take tylenol tonight before bed and I woke up in just terrible pain. I took some tylenol but it's taking a little while to kick in. I don't understand, why is the other side hurting SO much when it didn't have problems before!?! He checked that side and the teeth that need fillings hadn't changed so, it's not like they should be that far gone to cause this much pain, right? Seriously, it's just ridiculous and if I end up needing a root canal on that side too after he checked them to make sure I didn't I'm just going to complain and complain and complain. (Do you know how much a root canal costs!?! It's crazy! I wish we'd just done the fillings last year instead of waiting until this year, it would have been a lot cheaper) I hate being pregnant...

In addition to that, my sunburn which I got 3 weeks ago, while isn't painful any more, it's mostly gone, itches! Itches, itches and itches! I'm constantly trying to scratch, and it's mostly right in that area of my back that I can't reach so it's driving me crazy. Believe it or not, occassionally it itches so badly that it hurts. Shouldn't I be over a sunburn by now!?! Seriously. I hate being pregnant...

I blame pregnancy. I do NOT heal well while pregnant. To illustrate, I have a scar on my wrist from a scratch that I got 2 1/2 months ago almost. A scratch! No blood, just a scratch. It will disappear by 6 months or so AFTER I have the baby. I had the same thing happen during both of my other pregnancies. Simple things that should be no problem, and normally would heal quickly without complaint just don't. I got a scratch on my heel from a stick while walking through a field shortly after I found out I was pregnant with Charity and I had that scar for almost a year after she was born before it disappeared. So, major teeth problems with very little healing capabilities (oh joy for the next few weeks....), a leftover sunburn that is driving me crazy, and 2 1/2 more months of pregnancy...

And the pregnancy aches and pains are only going to get worse from this point on :( I know this little girl will all be worth it in the end, but can it be the end yet? Only 2 1/2 more months... I can survive that, right?

Well, on a good note, though it's the middle of the night and I've decided to sleep in the recliner... though I may give the bed another try, my toothache has been quieted and I'm tired so maybe I can get some sleep now and be not quite so miserable in the morning!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Root Canal...

So, today I went to the dentist to get a filling. In May of last year when I went to the dentist for the first time in a lot of years... I needed 5 fillings but since we had to spend a lot of money on getting Charity's tooth fixed we decided to wait until this year to do anything with our teeth. Dennis needed a few fillings too.

Well, my tooth had been starting to bother me a little bit lately and they prefer for any dental work to be done during the second trimester and that's pretty much up so I called to get them taken care of. We set up 3 appointments to do the 5 fillings. One for today, one for next Tuesday and one for next Friday.

Well, today when he was working on my filling. Today it was just one tooth, and the one that had been bothering me. He discovered that this one is now to the point that I don't need a filling anymore, I need a root canal. He started off preparing the tooth for the filling, and hit the nerve. Ouch did that hurt! We then ended up taking an x-ray of that side of my mouth to see just how bad it was. We didn't do that a couple of months ago at my cleaning because of the pregnancy, though I mentioned that side ocassionally was giving me issues they didn't think anything of it then. Well, then he decided he wanted to check the worst of my other teeth that needed fillings to make sure they weren't going to need root canals before I came in for just a filling. So, they took x-rays of the other side. The other teeth are pretty much the same as they were before, it's just the one tooth that got so bad :( So, we changed the appointment for next Tuesday to do fillings for the worst 2 teeth to get them taken care of, and then for the following friday I'm getting a root canal :( The rest of the fillings he said we can take care of later.

Lucky, lucky me. And it's going to cost a whole lot more to get a root canal than just a filling! So it would have been a lot cheaper for us (several hundred dollars, ouch) if I'd just done atleast some of the fillings last year. Oh well now. So, hopefully I'm not in too much pain over the next couple of weeks! I have a temporary filling in the tooth until the root canal, an antibiotic prescription to take care of the start of an infection and orders to call him and let him know if tylenol isn't enough to manage the pain :(

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oregon Trip, Day 8

Dennis and I wanted a chance to go out on a date while we were in Oregon. Nothing was planned for this Thursday so we decided to take advantage of the day and go for our date. In Crescent City, about an hour away is an aquarium called Ocean World. Laura and Kevin were also wanting to go out on a date so we decided to double. :)

Dennis jet skiing, it may be the closest he ever gets to a real one! lol. Just outside the aquarium.

Laura and I petting a shark at Ocean World.
All of us inside a Great White! AHHHHHHHHHH! lol.

They have a seal show at the end of the tour of the Aquarium. Here's a picture of Cora, one of their seals jumping out of the water.

This picture was taken in the bathroom there. It had a really cool mural painted on the wall! Me, 26 weeks pregnant!

After the aquarium we headed back to Brookings and ended up deciding to go out to dinner at a restaraunt called O'Hallagons, or something like that. It was a restaraunt my Mom worked at when my parents lived in Brookings! The food was pretty good though a tad on the expensive side. Dennis and I had considered getting lobster for me to try since we're right there on the coast, but changed our minds after we heard the price! lol... Though all they served was Australian lobster so it's not like it would have been fresh lobster anyway.

So, no one around there had ever heard of Fry Sauce and Kevin had asked for some Mayonnaise and Ketchup to make his own. Well, the hostess tried to convince him to try Horseradish Sauce on his French Dip Sandwich. So, without realizing it when she brought it to him, before the mayonnaise arrived, he started mixing it in with his ketchup! I burst out laughing, it was so funny! I'm not even sure he would have realized so we all had a good laugh about it, although I think they partly were laughing at how hard I was laughing! I just couldn't get over how funny it was! lol.

After dinner we needed to stop by the store so we went to the store and I decided if you put a group of almost 30 year olds together, they can be just as bad as teenagers! lol.

Overall, it was a really fun day. There were so many other things we would have liked to do as well, if only we'd had another week or more to do it all! lol!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oregon Trip, Day 7

So, we had a day of relaxation, a day sightseeing, a day of relaxation, and onto another day of sightseeing. So, day 7 we planned on driving up the coast to the Sea Lion Caves. Up near Florence I think (it was about a 3 hour drive from where we were staying) are the Sea Lion Caves. It's a cave where a lot of sea lions show up every year. lol. Don't you love the description?

So, we got up early that morning since we'd have a lot of driving in front of us that day. We had lunch when we got to the Sea Lion Caves. We were going to stop at a picnic area along the way but then we realized we were to the point where we had a half or so to go to get there and decided that eating lunch there in the parking lot would be a lot faster :)

So, we ate and then headed down to the caves. There is a building set right there on the edge of a cliff. It houses the entrance and the gift shop. After you pay to go in, you have like 3 flights of stairs to go down and then you come out to this spot with a sculpture of a family of Sea Lions. The day was really foggy so we couldn't look out onto the Ocean. Here we are taking pictures with the sculpture :)

There was also a path to the left you could follow to go to an observation area to look near the entrance of the cave where a lot of sea lions gather. There were quite a few! I was worried the fog would be too thick to see that far down but you could see!

Then we headed back the way we came and took the right path to go to the elevator. There is an elevator that takes you like 250 feet down through the cliff side to the Sea Cave. There is an area, it's higher up than where the Sea Lions stay in the cave and fenced off of course, that you get to visit. They had a little video area set up to learn about the Sea Lions and the Sea Cave and then they also had a roped off area that had the fossils of a Sea Lion that were discovered there. Up in another area of the cave in a display case they had the skeleton of a young female sea lion on display as well. And you could hike/walk up to the opening of the cave where the entrance used to be before they built the elevator. Dad said he'd lived in Oregon forhis youth but he'd never once got to go to the Sea Lion caves and it was always something he wanted to do so I'm really glad we got to go!

Watching the Sea Lions, they give birth in late June I think is what I read so there were a LOT of pups in the large group there. It was a lot of fun to watch them, and hear them! lol.

I think we then proceeded to spend more time in the gift shop than we did in the cave. lol. They had a LOT of cool things at their gift shop, not enough specifically tailored to Sea Lions though! But we found these shell necklaces and Mom and Dad got one for each of us ladies :) Mom, May, Laura and I. So we all got a cool sea shell necklace. And Dennis found a large heart rock for me that is really cool looking. Oh, I also grabbed him a little frog figurine with a sign attached that says 'Will work for flies'. It was the one thing he showed me there that he liked so I hope he likes it!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Oregon Trip, Day 6 Fireworks

I forgot to include this in my first post about Day 6 so I figured I'd better add more! Dennis and I on our way home from the Trees of Mystery stopped and bought some fireworks since we didn't get to go to any on the 4th. So, this was the night we were all up late enough and had time to set them off. Here are a few pictures!

It was a lot of fun! And the kids were all disappointed when it was over cuz they wanted more fireworks... Ok, I'll admit it, the adults were probably disappointed too! lol.

Our Oregon Trip, Day 6

Another quiet day at the Beach House was planned for Tuesday. Though, since Mom couldn't go down to our beach we decided to drive into Brookings and go to Harris Beach, which would be a little more accessible for her so she could get to have some fun with us on the beach. Honestly, I think the kids would have been happy to just go to the beach every day, lol. They liked the other stuff, but they LOVED the beach. Although Charity is still talking about Paul Bunyun...
So, I think it was after lunch we drove in and went to the beach. Steve and May stayed back at the beach house to have a quiet alone afternoon while the rest of us went.

It was a lot of fun and we didn't get to spend nearly as much time there as we would have liked but the kids were getting cold and tired and it was getting close to dinner time! So, we headed home. Though, first Dad took Dennis and I on our tour of Brookings to show us around where he grew up. It was a lot of fun driving around with him and hearing about his youth. I wish I'd taken more pictures of the places he showed us like the house he grew up in and places he went and things he did. I did manage to get this picture though, the kids crashing after the beach! We definitely wore them out! The best part, they still went to bed on time that night!

It really was a fun-filled day!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Oregon Trip, Day 5

Monday morning dawned bright and early and this was the day Dennis was most excited for because we were going to see the redwoods! At the top of our list was to get to drive through a giant red wood tree!

We left rather late in the morning and ended up stopping at a beach south of Crescent City somewhere for lunch. We ate and played for a little while and then continued on our way. Just as we were getting to the Redwood National Forest, if that was the name, lol, there is a place called The Trees of Mystery. It's a redwood tree park place with a skyride and has a huge statue of Paul Bunyun and Babe the Blue Ox.

They have a lot of really cool trees and things to look at the Trees of Mystery. Here is a picture of all the kids in our group clustered on some giant roots. (This was named The Elephant Tree btw). So, there is (from left to right) Danielle, Charity, Spencer, Miriam, Michael, John, Gabriel, Norma and Aurora. Think we had our hands full this trip? lol.

Here's a picture of our little family near another one of the giant attractions. The kids had fun crawling through the "tunnel" to the other side of the path.

I just had to get a shot of the trees overhead. If I remember right, Dennis said a lot of these trees are over 250 feet tall... What an amazing view! Mom got one of these types of shots of the Cathedral Trees I think that is equally if not more amazing!

Here is Dennis and the girls in front of a GIANT redwood. This tree is over 19 feet in diameter and larger than the one we were hoping to get to drive through (which the brochure had said was 15 feet). We tried to see if all 19 of us could encircle the tree... we couldn't. We got a little over halfway! Although if there wasn't a fence around it and we'd been able to get right up next to it you never know, maybe we would have been barely able to reach! lol.

At the top of the hiking trail is their Sky Coaster. It was a 5-7 minute ride (didn't feel nearly that long though!) up the mountain to the very top with a magnificent view. I think this might have been the girls' favorite part of the entire day! They wouldn't have minded just riding up and down and up and down! lol.

My favorite view from the top!

After we rode down from the Sky Coaster, Mom, Dad, Danielle and I rode back down to the parking lot/gift shop/visitor center area and let everyone finish hiking down. They had a shorter trip down with a lot of wood sculptures and cool things to see but I was exhausted after the hike up. Dennis said it was really cool and I have to admit from the pictures I've seen there was a lot of cool things to see but I still don't regret riding down, lol. Poor Charity fell at some point and got upset so Dennis ended up carrying her for the last half of the trip down.
By the time we were done at the Trees of Mystery it was like 6 o'clock so we never went any further south and didn't get to drive through a redwood tree :( Another of our few regrets of things we didn't do on this trip, but the Trees of Mystery were really amazing and Dad talked a lot about how he went there when he was just a boy so it's been around for a long time!
Oh, I forgt to tell you about the Cathedral Trees. I didn't get a good picture but it's a grouping of 9 or so trees that form a semi-circle and they have a podium there and some benches set up and they said there are 3 or 4 weddings performed there a year! It was a real awe-inspiring place and I think that's really cool. Maybe Dennis and I will renew our vows there one day ;) lol!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our Oregon Trip, Day 4

4th of July! Independance Day! Fireworks!

So, we had planned to have this day be a quiet day at the house recouping from travelling and then going to watch the fireworks over the harbor that evening.

Steve and May had gone for a walk that morning and Steve told us after walking down to the Beach he didn't think Mom would be able to make it down there. We had thought the house would be right up on the beach and be an easy walk to the seashore but it turned out that we were still up the cliff a little ways and had a hike down with some steps cut into the side at the very end. When we went down later that day Laura decided we could definitely get mom down to the beach if we wanted to, but there was no way we were getting her back up! lol.

That afternoon, Dad and Steve and May went to the store. Mom stayed at the beach house with Steve and May's kids. And the rest of us headed down to the beach. I knew that my little Danielle would burn in minutes without sunscreen (she burns SO easily) so I made sure I put sunscreen on us, well atleast on her and I. I don't remember if I got any on Charity or not, it's not like she ever burns anyway, lol.

So, Dennis' first time to the beach! I think he enjoyed it. I didn't get any pictures at the beach this day, though, because I'd forgotten my camera and my cell phone but here's a picture of our beach.

I think Steve may have gotten a better picture but I haven't taken the time to go through anyone else's pictures except my own at the moment.

We were down at the beach from about 10 or 11 that morning until 2 or so that afternoon. It was so much fun! Laura and I went beach combing and then Dennis and I went beach combing and the kid just played and played. We were on the southern coast of Oregon which means it wasn't that hot here, I think the high this day was in the low 70s. Gabriel spent most of the time actually out in the ocean waves though! I don't know how the kid didn't freeze to death! Everyone had so much fun though and it was great being able to sit on the beach and dig my toes into the sand :)

It wasn't until later that evening I'd realized my big mistake :( I'd somehow managed to miss putting sunscreen on my BACK and it was SUNBURNT! Owie, Danielle as well had gotten a little sunburnt, turned out Dennis got his legs burnt a little and guess about Charity... not even pink! lol, I'm telling ya, that girl does not burn! lol. Well, I luckily had packed the aloe vera gel so that helped soothe my back a little but OWIE! I paid for it the rest of the trip!

While Dad and Steve and May were gone (they were still gone when we got back from the beach, and left before we did) it turned out Dad had taken them on a tour of Brookings to tell them about the area where he grew up. When the visited the harbor it turned out that people had been camping out already and the harbor was full so we wouldn't be able to go watch the fireworks over the harbor. I'm still sad that we didn't atleast try to go or go north and check out Gold Beach to see about their fireworks that night but dusk caught up to us wayyyy to quickly and before we all knew it it was dark and past bedtime anyway.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oregon Trip, Day 3

We all started off this day of our trip with Breakfast and a swim! Well, except for Dennis who refused to go swimming :P But the hotel had a very nice breakfast set up and I think everyone enjoyed it, and of course the kids loved the pool. I don't remember what time we managed to get out of there but it was amazingly early for how late we got to bed and yet not early enough for the drive ahead of us. Granted we only needed to go 6 hours I believe it was this second day on the road but there was still a lot of miles in front of us! And we had a fun stop planned on the way.

In the middle of Oregon is Crater Lake National Park. Crater Lke was formed at the top of a Volcano! We were stopped at the entry way for quite a while. I don't know if they're not very well organized or just had that many people coming for the holiday weekend. Here Dennis and Charity are in front of an overlook of the lake. It was huge and very cool looking! And look, snow in July! Poor Danielle was asleep in the van and I didn't want to wake her so she didn't get to see the Lake. It was surprisingly NOT that cold for having that much snow on the ground, but it wasn't that warm either. We were all wanting jackets on by the time we got back in the vehicles. And all our poor kids were dressed in shorts that day! Oh, and just a note do NOT open your windows while waiting to get into the park, they have some giant mosquitos!

We went and stopped at the Visitor's Center too looking for a good place to have lunch but it was PACKED. So we ended up not staying there long. There was this gorgeous necklace in the gift shop that I'm still wishing I'd gotten though. It didn't seem like we were at Crater Lake that long but after the overlook and the Visitor's Center we must have been there for a couple of hours. Most of the rest of the day was spent driving.

For dinner we stopped at a Mexican restaraunt somewhere along the way. It had pretty good food and the kids loved it cuz the kid's meals all came with ice cream! They were quite a handful after being cooped up in the van for 2 days though! I must admit, the drive through the middle of Oregon does have a lot of very pretty views! Mom though we might make it to the coast in time for sunset but alas, we just missed it :( So Dennis' first view was after dusk and not that impressive since he couldn't really see it :( I'm not sure he was ever that impressed with a view of the ocean though. Poor guy, he did get a lot of great pictures of the kids at the beach later on though!

So, Mom and Dad with Steve and May stopped in Brookings at the store and Dennis and I along with Laura and Kevin were the first ones to the Beachhouse. It was fun getting to explore the house and seeing if our sleeping arrangement plans still worked out well. On the main floor was a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a sitting room, and 2 bedrooms with King Size beds. Downstairs was 2 bedrooms with queen size beds, a "kids area" with 2 bunk beds a futon and a tv, the laundry room, a bathroom, a master bedroom and a master bath. Well, since we had 8 adults and 9 kids it was a lot of fun trying to figure out where everyone would sleep! And I'm so glad we came up with a plan before we got there because it was late again and we were all tired and ready to go to sleep! Oh, Steve and May got one of the rooms downstairs, as did Laura and Kevin and then their kids shared the kids area. Then Dennis and I got the master bedroom and we'd taken an air mattress for Charity and Danielle to sleep on. Mom and Dad had a room upstairs so Mom wouldn't have to be doing stairs a lot and then Michael and Gabriel shared the other room upstairs. Downstairs we all had a door that led directly outside to the back, where the driveway actually continued down so we were able to park not far from our doors.

I must admit with Dennis and I being private people we were a little disappointed that our door didn't have blinds or anything in front of it and one of the windows didn't either. Overall, there were definitely a few things the house could have improved upon in that area. The closet for the master bedroom had been turned into a little sitting area and there was one of those room screens in there against a wall so we used that at night in front of the sliding glass door to help block out the light and get a little more privacy and such. However, the tub in the bathroom was so big that Dennis could even fit into it, so that was nice. lol.

We wanted to check out the hot tub and the beach but it was too dark at this point! So that had to wait until the next day.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Oregon Trip, Day 2

We were suppose to start out bright and early that morning, I thought we were leaving at 7 but found out I'd been overruled to 8. I would have preferred to leave even earlier though! Mom and Dad hadn't gotten their car packed yet so we were all helping them get it ready. Laura and Kevin got there just after 8 ready to go and they helped.

Now, we would have been able to get out of there on time EXCEPT that Dennis noticed Roy's car was gone. Typical, trying to avoid a confrontation, brother of mine. He decided he wasn't going so he just left during the night instead of dealing with an argument in the morning. So Dad was upset and wanting to go look for him and calling around trying to find him. Luckily when Dad texted Roy threatening to go to Logan looking for him, Roy texted back! So we finally made it out of there around 9:30 or so I think.

Next we had a stop in Pocatello to get gas and to meet up with Steve and May's family. We then took a potty break at a Home Depot... and then had breakfast/lunch at Burger King.
Back on the road again! Laura and Kevin ditched us after the Home Depot because they were meeting up with Kevin's sister for a little while in Boise so they headed on without us with a plan to get back to gether after that.

On our way we ended up stopping in Jerome at a Walmart for another potty break and then we ended up doing a shopping trip while we were at it! Lol, at this point we'd been OUT of the cars as much as we'd been in them! We were at Walmart for about an hour and a half if I remember right. Then in Boise we got gas, caught back up with Laura and Kevin and continued on our way. It took us a little while to get to the gas station in Boise because I pulled the directions up in my phone cuz Dad wasn't sure where it was, but I never turned on the GPS so it had us in the wrong starting location so we took the long way around... lol, Dad said he wasn't so sure about my GPS anymore.

Dad wanted stop for lunch/dinner just over the Oregon/Idaho border so not long after crossing we stopped at a grocery store to buy cheese and lunch meat and stuff for sandwiches. Then we ran into the rain! Yup, Oregon greeted us with a nice big rain storm! lol. We ended up stopping at a turn off by the side of the road when there was a pause in the rain and let the dogs out to go potty. We had some miscommunication between vehicles so Mom and Dad along with May and Steve got some food to eat but Laura and Kevin, and Dennis and I thought we would be stopping again shortly to eat so we didn't... Oops!

A while later we stopped at a roadside cafe for a potty break. The rest of us made some sandwiches and stuff to eat then and fed our kids! It was a good thing we'd packed lots of snacks in the van for the trip or we'd really have been starving! I felt bad about all of us using their restroom so I bought a piece of blackberry pie from the cafe before we left. It might have been better warmed up, but I did wait over an hour to eat it... I dont' remember what time it was by the time we left the cafe but it might have been 6 or 7 at that point, maybe later, I really dont' remember. I do know that we still had a lot of drive time left in front of us!
We did see an amazing rainbow when we broke free of the cloud cover! It was a double rainbow and was pretty much complete! I didn't manage to get any good pictures of it though :(

Mom had brought walkie talkies for us to put in all the vehicles (there were 4) so that when we had areas of no cell coverage we'd still be able to get a hold of each other but they'd gotten packed and were never gotten out during our ride there. It would have been really nice if we had gotten them out though because the lack of communication that day between vehicles was one of the most frustrating parts!

So, sometime after the cafe but before we got to Bend, OR we had a kid who had to stop for a potty break BUT no service to tell anyone we needed to stop so we pulled over (saw some deer too when we pulled over!) We figured we'd just catch up we still had another half hour or 45 minutes until Bend. Well, we ended up not being able to catch back up before we got near Bend. We were staying in a hotel in a little town called La Pine somewhere near Bend, that's all I knew, lol. So, I put the hotel information in my phone and pulled up the directions, turning the GPS on this time! So, we're just about past Bend when I get a call from Mom asking me where we're at. Only she doesn't mean where is Dennis and I but where are we all at! She didn't realize we'd never caught up, I told her I could tell her right where we were but I had no idea where they were! Well, the directions Dad had printed out for everyone took them on a long meandering course around the outskirt of Bend or something and they had no idea where they were going! I told them which roads my GPS had us take, at this point we were out of Bend and headed on. I saw a sign for La Pine which said 25 more miles and was SO relieved because at this point it was just about Midnight and we were exhausted!

Well, Dennis and I ended up getting to the hotel about 10-15 minutes before everyone else got there! We had a good laugh about how Dad would feel about my GPS now! lol. Dad had ended up getting 2 suites and a double queen room (all they had left). Him and Mom and along with Steve and May and their kids stayed in one suite. Dennis and I and our kids, along with Michael and Gabriel (my nephews) stayed in the other suite and Laura and Kevin and their kids stayed in the double queen room. I must admit, our suite was pretty nice! We were all so thankful to get to a bed and a chance to go to sleep! Ok, so the kids had been asleep for a while so they didn't care so much but all of us adults were!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oregon Trip, Day 1

I picked Dennis up from work on our way to my parent's house. I had been up on Tuesday to go see Eclipse with Laura and Mom and had left the girls up there overnight on Wednesday so it was a nice quiet drive with just us. We decided to take advantage of some us time and stopped to have dinner in Logan. It was at Cafe Sabor and so yummy. I love that restaraunt! Then we stopped by Walmart and Best Buy to check out their MP3 collections. We've never owned an MP3 player but I discovered our library has available audio books and ebooks and I'd gotten the audio book of New Moon for our trip but we needed a way to play it! I wanted an ipod (gotta join the masses, right?) but we ended up going with a cheap MP3 player because really we didn't need anything special. I'm going to put some music on it so Dennis can take it to work with him. It was getting to be bedtime by the time we got to Mom and Dad's so we made sure we were ready to go for the next day and headed to bed.