Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Help Wanted!

So, for all you lucky people out there that could use a little extra money each week... Since I'm pregnant and sick sick sick, I need some help around the house :)

Who wants to come and help me? I'd like someone to come for 1 1/2 - 2 hours a day 4 or 5 days a week, or 2-3 hours a day 3 times a week. Duties would include dishes, laundry, some general cleaning, that type of stuff.

I don't have a lot to pay, so it would only be like $5 or $7 an hour, I don't think I could do more than that), but you're looking at like $50 a week!

So, anyone interested? Please, Please, Please! My house is such a mess because I haven't had the energy to do anything lately and I really need the help!


So, I'm officially announcing our pregnancy! Due date is about October 11th!!! Yay!!! (You'd never believe how much convincing it took for Grandpa Y! lol.

It was a great Valentine's Day present! (That's when I tested and found out we're preggo!) lol, funny thing is is that I didn't KNOW before I tested this time so it came as a little bit of a shock! And then only one line had appeared in the test window so I thought I wasn't until I was putting the box back into the cupboard and I noticed on the side it said it was an easy to read test, a line only appears if you're pregnant! lol. I'd bought the box last fall and completely forgot! So, then it was a complete shocker to me and I shocked Dennis the next morning on our Valentine's Date!

My first OB appointment is next week and once again I had to find a new one! Grrr. She better not move in the middle of this pregnancy! I'd probably go into Salt Lake if I had a choice just for a bit more security of knowing my OB is gonna stick around! lol.

So, here's to #3! And I'll keep telling myself that it's worth it in the end! If only we could avoid the 9 months of pregnancy! lol.

Friday, February 12, 2010

ChaCha pay

Well, the pay turned out to be even worse for January the it had been for December! I was using December's pay as a baseline to try to figure out how much I'd be making but see how it works...

There is a set of amount of money called the Guide Share Pool and then as we answer questions througout the month we get so many points per question. At the end of the money the money is divided up based on the points that everyone had. For the December pool the points had been worth about .7 cents each, almost 1.5 cents a question for me (as an Expeditor I get 2 points per question). Well, January's payout was announced and it turned out to be only worth a little over .4 cents for each point! That makes each question not even worth a penny! I was hoping for almost twice as much as I got (I didn't have a lot of points for Januaray anyway so it wasn't much) but's it's a little disheartening to see the work count for so little! Of course each month the payout will be different so there's no way of knowing what February's points will be worth. Here's to hoping they're worth a bit more! If the payout continues to decrease or stays that low, it may not be worth being a guide for long.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So Thankful for Smoke Alarms!

So, this morning I put on some water to boil to make some hot cocoa. Well, then the girls woke up and I went in the other room and completely forgot about it! Oh no!

So, the smoke alarms just start going off and I'm about ready to freak out! But I feel I need to check in the kitchen so I peek into the kitchen and there's a fire underneath the burner for the water! All that needed to be done was for me to take the thing off the burner and blow the fire out! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

There wasn't any damage to anything, the burner definitely needs clean but otherwise it's all good! I'm just so grateful it wasn't worse and I know it could have been without Smoke Alarms because who knows how long it would have taken me to think about it!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh where art thou...

2.1!!!! Here I am anxiously awaiting the Droid to be upgraded to 2.1 and it hasn't happened yet! There were rumors it would be in January and now there are rumors it'll be the mid or end of February! I'm really looking forward to the update though. There are suppose to be some great improvements!

It's going to have animated wallpapers for the phone (I want to be able to do a slideshow but I think I might have found an app that can do a widget for that...) and it's suppose to have an updated gallery, on-screen keyboard and some other minor improvements. I can't wait to check out all the changes!

So where oh where art thou my android 2.1??? It better atleast be here by the end of March or big complaints!!! Oh and where is that flash that was promised the first part of the year!?! Still waiting for that too! (Theorizing they might be waiting to release both at the same time to make sure it's all compatible and works great!) Ahhhhhhhh, the impatience!

Owies! and Stairs!

Ok, so anyone who knows me, knows that I'm terrible with stairs! Seriously, so many people joke about it! Luckily though, I've never gotten hurt, not really, that is until yesterday. :( And even that one I thought I had escaped any real hurt!

So, we had put the gate up at the bottom of the stairs to keep Dusty (our lab/collie mix puppy) from going downstairs unsupervised to poop. Working great by the way! Anyway, the girls had left a blanket on the last few stairs and I was going down to go help Charity with something and not paying enough attention when I slipped on the second to last or last stair and my foot came down HARD on the metal bar on our gate. It's one of those you attach that has a built in gate you can swing open. Owie!!! It hurt a lot. But after a little while the pain had mostly subsided and I was completely fine walking around on it, no complaints.

Well, then last night I fell asleep on the couch watching tv and in the middle of the night I wake up because I keep dreaming that my foot is just on fire with pain. Only, I finally wake up enough to realize it's not a dream. My foot is seriously in some pain! I ended up crawling upstairs to get in bed. But it still hurt so much I couldn't sleep. So, I woke Dennis up to check it out. Maybe a tiny little bit of swelling practically non existant and other than that it looked fine! I got him to give me a couple of tylenol and it had been really cold downstairs so I had him microwave the hot bag thing too so I could put that on my foot and I was finally able to go back to sleep.

Wake up this morning, it doesn't hurt at all! But slowly as the day went by, the more I used my foot the more it hurt. I got to rest it for a couple of hours this evening and it's still got a small throb but it is pretty cold right now. I'm hoping it will be completely better by tomorrow because I haven't been to the gym in over a week and a half and I don't want to miss it again tomorrow! That and if can't manage to make it out of the house tomorrow I will NEVER hear the end of it from Charity! So, everyone, let's hope my foot gets feeling better.

And hey, atleast this time it's not one of the girls with an Owie! Though Danielle did skin up her ankle a little bit last night and we have no idea how that happened! Seriously, how do they get so many bumps and bruises a mom can't account for? Aren't we suppose to know all!?!


I don't know if I ever mentioned stalking the Become a Guide page of ChaCha before, but I had been. I wanted an easy way to bring in a little income and I finally stalked it at the right time!

ChaCha is hiring and you're looking at one of their newest guides! It's a pretty simple process. You fill out a few forms, take an initial test. If you pass, they give you access to the training information (about an hours worth for the Expeditor) and then you take a readiness test that you HAVE to pass to become a guide. Well, I passed that too the middle of last week!!!

Really, the pay sucks! I think based on last month's point worth I'm only averaging $1.5-2/hour but it's a work at home, no outside child care, work at your own hourse, non-stress job that will be in a little bit of extra money each month. Plus, it gives me a new addiction for a little while! :)

If anyone else is interested in an opportunity like ChaCha visit Becoming a Guide at they are currently looking for guides and hey have a recruitment bonus so make sure to post my e-mail as your referral! ChaCha!

Oh, and I think I'd recommend being a Generalist/Specialist over an Expeditor but I think they have the opportunity to make more money. So... There you have it. It's been pretty entertaining so far.