Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gone Missing

I know, I know, I've gone missing again!

Today I'm going to be thankful for food bank and food assistance programs and the important role they play. I went to visit my parents yesterday (to make Pasties! YUMMY) and then today was the Mobile Food Pantry. Not to boast or anything, but MY MOM is like the food lady of Preston and she helps with all of that. Just as an FYI if you're in Preston and need food, talk to my mom.

Well, today I got to go visit my Mom while she was helping at the Mobile Food Pantry and see all the people they were able to help. I was also able to load up one of the boxes with the food and got to carry one of them and it was heavy but it made me really appreciate the fact that there are resources out there to help and to provide that for families who need it. As my dad said, every little bit helps.

Growing up, my mom always taught us kids to not take anything without giving something back. We were on the poor side and got free lunch at school so Laura and I always volunteered to help serve food. (Do schools still do that, by the way?) And we had some of the neatest experiences doing that! And helping out with the Food Bank and the Mobile Food Pantry and volunteering for SEICCA has been some of the ways that my mom has given back. I'm so proud of her for all that she does and so happy that there are people like her who are willing to help!

Anyway, it was just a really neat experience today :)

Go here for more information about the Idaho Food Bank and about the Preston Community Food Pantry.

Friday, November 6, 2009


So I know I said I was going to post everyday, but life has been crazy lately and I haven't gotten to so I'll try to post as many Thankful posts as possible this month.

Today I'm going to say I'm Thankful for technology :) I know, I talked about how awesome technology is not that long ago, but see, the droid came out today! And my wonderful husband let me get one!!! So far, I love it! In fact we're here visiting Grandpa Y and Aunt Sherry with no internet and I'm able to get on with my Droid :) Get to stay in contact with my facebook and all that fun stuff!!!

But, there is so much other cool tech stuff out there to now! And it affects all of our lives even in ways that we don't know so I'm just going to leave it with I'm thankful for Technology :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Thankful Challenge Day 1

I've decided for the month of November, until Thanksgiving to challenge myself to each day make a list of things that I am Thankful for. I didn't come up with it until today so we're starting on Nov. 2! But, today's is a list of people that I'm thankful for because they have influenced my life for the better, one way or another.

1. My Mom - How can she NOT influence anyone's life for the better?
2. My Dad - He's always been there and willing to help. And he gave me my love for computers :)
3. A Primary teacher in WA. Laura and I were somewhere between 6-8. I don't remember her name or any real specifics of why but I believe she was one of our primary teachers when we lived in WA and she was one of the kindest most loving people I've ever known and she was a great example
4. An Achievement or Activity Days leader, (whatever the equivalent was 15 or so years ago)
5. Several of my Young Women's leaders. Or most of them! But to name a few, Sister Boyack, Sister Sharp, and Sister Castleton. They were great inspirations and you knew they truly cared for you. They taught me a lot and I appreciated all their hard work, love and support!
6. A neighbor (Bro. Webb) who helped out my family several times when we needed it. I'm not sure I could ever show my appreciation for the things he's done.
7. My friend Sam, she's always been there for me and even though we live way too far apart she's always some one I can talk to and I know we're friends forever!
8. My friend Tiffany, when Dennis and I moved into our house, the one thing I had really been praying for was one of those types of friends who lived right next door that you talked to everyday, shared things with, could count on, you know the kind I'm talking about? Well, I figured it was a bit too much to ask for but Heavenly Father really does answer our prayers and he gave me Tiffany, right next door :)
9. Should I make my last person for this post Dennis? Maybe tomorrow I'll do a post on all the things I'm thankful for about my dear sweet husband, but I could never have enough time or space to finish it! He is such a wonderful person and I am so thankful to have him in my life.

Most of these are from when I was younger and not a grown-up but there have been many people in my adult life who have also had a huge impact on me!

The Holiday Season

Ok, so this holiday season starts at the beginning of October when everyone is getting ready for Halloween, but I've got admit, that while I love Halloween. I love it when Halloween is over because it means one more holiday and less than two months until Christmas. And I absolutely LOVE the Christmas season!

This year for the holidays Thanksgiving will be spent with D's family. We considered having them come here since half the kids live up with way now but it looks like they want to have Thanksgiving down there so I don't have to worry about cooking a turkey :) I think it would have been a lot of fun to host, but it also would have been a lot of work! Here's to an upcoming great Turkey Day!

Christmas this year is with my family, and as to how that is going to happen no one yet knows! Laura wants everyone to come visit them in Arizona (I doubt this is going to happen, but it would be a lot of fun, though no snow for sure) , depending on who is planning on going to my parents we just might invite them down here instead. Of course if we do go up there, Christmas Eve will be spent here and then we'll drive up there Christmas morning after gifts and breakfast. That's what we did last year as well (it's our new tradition we started) I just hope this year, the weather is better!!!

We're just about down getting the girls' their gifts (Yay!) and have almost decided on our gift. Now is time to figure out our gifts for other family members. And to start listening to Christmas music, and to decorate for Christmas. I can't wait until the Monday after Thanksgiving, that's when we'll put up our Tree!!!

Oh, and a funny story. Yesterday Charity was all sad when we told her it wouldn't be Halloween for another year so we decided to cheer her up by telling her but Christmas is coming. So, she started insisting that we needed to do Christmas right now and that she wanted to give Grandpa Y his gift. We wanted to know what the gift was and she told us the train table! lol. We bought a train table for a gift to the girls and it's stored in Grandpa's room right now and the girls found it a while back, so apparently Charity thinks it's for him. LOL! She's going to be so surprised on Christmas to find out it's for Danielle and her!!! Although, with her lack of ability to share with Danielle lately it might just end up being for Danielle.... hmmm... Yeah, they've been fighting over toys lately! Drives me nuts, especially when there is enough to go around!!!

Anyway :) Onto the holidays!!!